2D of Gorillaz: Songs that changed my life


1st Jan 2015 Music

2D of Gorillaz: Songs that changed my life

After a six-year hiatus, British virtual band Gorillaz return with their fifth studio album, Humanz. To mark the occasion, the band's vocalist and keyboard player 2D (helmed by Blur’s Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett), talks to us about the songs that shaped his life in strange, moving ways. 

It's Alright to Cry

by Francis and the Lights 

The clue’s in the title. Because we all go through hard times, like when I got eaten by a giant whale called Massive D*ck, or when Murdoc hunts me with his crossbow. 

You have to cry to let your tears out, otherwise your brain will drown in sadness.



Shoplifters of the World Unite

by The Smiths 

Bittersweet feelings about this one. It reminds me of how I joined Gorillaz. Murdoc ram-raided the music shop I was working in and shoplifted me into the band.

And the rest is history. Very traumatic history.



I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar

by Jonny Richman

Great tune. Weirdly, I first heard "I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar" while I was dancing in a lesbian bar. Life imitating art.



About our new album Humanz... 

It’s about humanz. That’s not a typo or a UK-US spelling thing like laser and lazer, or balls and ballz. 

I think of it like a selfie of the human race, catching us as we’re on our way to becoming something else. Something more digital. Like an AI or Tamagotchi.


Humanz by Gorillaz is out now on Parlophone. 

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