10 awesome Elvis songs you've never heard

10 awesome Elvis songs you've never heard

While you may think that you know every song to emerge from the talented lips of Elvis Presley, you may need to think again. Even the biggest fans let one or two slip under their radar, and here is a true test of Presley knowledge. Recognise all of these tunes, and you truly are a fan. Enjoy!


That's Someone You Never Forget

Not one of Elvis's best-known ballads, but a beautiful one nonetheless. The song is particularly special due to the fact that it is one of the few products of Elvis's all too brief dalliance with songwriting.


My Baby's Gone

This is a slow melodious number that was deemed by Sam Philips to be too bluesy, so it never saw the light of day. Who knows what it would have done had it been set free?


Hard Luck

Elvis sure knew how to collaborate, and the spine-tingling harmonica artistry of Charlie McCoy gives this track a razor sharp sound. The song featured in the movie Frankie & Johnny, and is an example of blues at its very best.


Mean Woman Blues

Okay, so you may have heard this one, but not by the man who originally performed it. Yep, this song has been covered by bands across the world, but was originally thrust into the limelight by the King himself.


Fame and Fortune

This song was the B-side of the first single Elvis recorded after finishing his duty in the army. Incidentally, it was also the artist's first stereo release. A doo-wop classic.


Baby Let's Play House

This is one of the earliest, best, and most unknown songs to emerge from Elvis's time at Sun Studios. It embodies the raw rock and roll sound that has influenced so many over the years. 


Hey Little Girl 

How this was not a monster hit is anybody's guess. The King is at his hip-swinging best on this track. One that very much slipped under the rock and roll radar. 



Like so many of Elvis's lesser known songs, the King performed this track in a movie of the same name. The Presley dance moves of old are there for all to see as he bops along to this upbeat soul offering.



While this song was a huge hit in Greece during the 60s, for some reason it never got the attention it deserved. After being released for the film Fun in Acapulco, it slipped away into relative obscurity.


Milky White Way

The year 1960 saw Elvis take to RCA's Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee to put his now world-famous vocals to a classic gospel song originally written by quartet singer Landers Coleman. Despite the stature of the song, Elvis's version always kept somewhat of a low profile.

So there you have them—10 of the best little-known songs from one of the greatest performers of all time. Whether he was gyrating his hips in that now iconic fashion or pouring his heart out to the microphone, Elvis had more hits during his short life than most will have in their entire careers. No wonder some of them struggled to fulfil their potential!

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