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Two chilling true crime shows premiering on CBS Reality this September

Two chilling true crime shows premiering on CBS Reality this September

All true crime afficionados know where to look to get their fix: CBS Reality, home to expert-led true crime.

And CBS Reality are certainly taking the chill factor up a notch this month with not one, but two brilliant original crime shows hitting the screens.

True crime fanatics should clear their diary later tonight, as top performing series “Murder by the Sea” returns at 10pm with the first programme now in its seventh season.


Renowned and esteemed crime historian and author Dr Nell Darby returns to host the show. Join her every Tuesday from 6th September as she investigates and analyses more unsettling cases of seaside murders. Dr Darby has dedicated her life to understanding the motives of killers, and her expertise gives her a unique insight into the behaviour of killers. And there is plenty for her to investigate in our own seaside towns, which have always seemed to attract an unusually high number of murderers.

Brits flock to our seaside towns in the summer to enjoy their old-fashioned and comforting charms. Who would ever think that amongst the seafood stalls, penny waterfall machines and rickety fairground rides that darkness could lurk in the shadows?

But there is a sinister side to our sleepy seaside towns, a place where grisly and chilling crimes are committed. For all the fun and frolics, murder is sometimes only a pebble’s throw away…

Season seven kicks off with the chilling tale of Craig Belcher, a 24-year-old petrol station attendant who murdered police computer operator Kirsty Carver in 1998. Carver was attacked and killed by Belcher in the back room of the petrol station where he worked. Detectives launched a desperate search for Kirsty, with 3,500 locals scouring hundreds of miles of land by the Humber Bridge. She was eventually found in a shallow grave miles away by police dogs. Turned in by a man Belcher had asked to help bury the body, to this day he has refused to admit guilt, and police still have no motive for the murder.

The series also investigates the grisly 1973 murder of Clive Olive, a 16-year-old member of a local biker gang. He was killed by fellow members of the gang, who beat him and threw him into a harbour near Brighton with cement weights tied to his feet. Olive was found two months later by the crew of a cargo ship. Two men and a woman were convicted of the murder, with their motive being revenge.

Also featured from 1973 are the infamous Torquay Casino Killings. On a cold December evening deranged gunman Martin Charles Fenton embarked on revenge-fuelled rampage that left a police officer and three members of staff at a Torquay casino dead. He then led police on a high-speed chase through Devon, stabbing himself in the stomach before being arrested.

The seventh season also includes the case of Herbert John Bennett, who was hanged for strangling his wife with a bootlace in Yarmouth, a savage murder in 1950’s Somerset that still has the capacity to shock today and the case of Stephen Jones, a local hero police officer who murdered his wife then tried to stage a car crash to hide his crime.

Through September there’s another treat for true crime fanatics courtesy of CBS Reality, with the continuation of a new series: “Descent of a Serial Killer.”


Join leading Psychological Criminologist and former FBI agent Dr Bryanna Fox next Monday as she examines the cases of infamous serial killers to determine whether their descent could have been stopped.

Using Evidence-Based Profiling, Fox takes a deep delve into the course of a serial killer’s life. She identifies behavioural red flags from childhood through to adult years. She also explores how the personal morality of these criminals evolves as boundaries are gradually probed and then broken through, culminating in murder and multiple murders.

The series continues with an investigation into Lonnie David Franklin, better known as the Grim Sleeper, who murdered at least ten people in Los Angeles between 1984 to 2007. Franklin got his nickname as he took a long break from murder – 1988 to 2002. He had a criminal record dating back to the mid-70s, when he was imprisoned for the sexual assault of a teenage girl in Germany while serving with the US Army. Join Dr Fox as she explores whether Franklin’s descent into murder could have been prevented.

Throughout the series, Bryanna is joined by contributors who provide first-hand accounts and key factual details of the crimes. We learn how the descent happened, getting a deep understanding of criminal behaviours and psychopathy through the process. An unmissable series for true crime enthusiasts.

Season 7 of “Murder by the Sea” airs on CBS Reality every Tuesday at 10pm from 6th September until 8th November

Season 1 of “Descent of a Serial Killer” airs on CBS Reality every Monday at 10pm from 12th September until 10th October.

You can find CBS Reality on Freeview (67), Sky (146), Virgin (148) and Freesat (135)

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