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Twin Peaks’ 5 Weirdest Moments [Spoiler Alert!]


1st Jan 2015 Film & TV

Twin Peaks’ 5 Weirdest Moments [Spoiler Alert!]

The one time hit TV show now cult classic Twin Peaks is due a new series. It gave us some of the weirdest plot twists on screen, here’s a list of our favourite moments.

Over the two seasons that Twin Peaks was on our screens it took us on a rollercoaster of plot twists, toying with our emotions and keeping us hooked - and the film prequel was no less straightforward. We've rounded up five of the weirdest and most unexpected moments in Twin Peaks - so if you haven't seen the whole series, stop reading now!


1. Leland’s Dance

The plot of the first series of Twin Peaks centres around the murder of Laura Palmer, a homecoming queen whose body is found washed up and wrapped in plastic. Setting the tone for the whole plot, is a telling moment where her father Leland Parker's grief manifests in a very peculiar way. He shows up at the Great Northern hotel to dance on his own. It's a poignant moment, but also a very strange one.


2. Dreamy Agent Dale Cooper

FBI agent Dale Cooper is tasked with investigating Laura's death; so far, so normal. What isn't so normal is the 'Tibetan Method' he uses - essentially it boils down to using clues from his dreams to solve cases. In episode two he experiences a dream in which a dwarf gives him hints about who the killer is.

Other elements of Cooper's Tibetan Method include reading out the names of each of the suspects in the case while throwing rocks at a bottle balanced on a tree stump. Needless to say, it doesn't find the killer.


3. The Spirit of Twin Peaks

Later in the series a one armed man who has come to Agent Cooper in a dream pops up in real life, as a shoe salesman. Not just any shoe salesman though, a shoe salesman who has intimate knowledge of BOB, an evil spirit who lives in the town of Twin Peaks and feeds on pain and suffering.


4. Death is fun


Agent Cooper is shot at the end of the first season, and is lying on the floor of the hotel, bleeding profusely and struggling to stay conscious. Writer David Lynch brings a moment of lightness to an otherwise pretty bleak scene with the arrival of Señor Droolcup (as characters later christen him.) 

The elderly porter brings up a room-service order of a glass of warm milk for the FBI agent and, seemingly oblivious to his injuries, potters around the room making conversation. The longer the bizarre situation continues, the funnier it becomes.


5. The Big Reveal

Possibly the strangest moment of the whole series is the big reveal of Laura Palmer's killer followed by what becomes of him. OK, we won’t spoil it too much. But then name Bob is likely to give you the creeps for years to come.

It certainly isn't a series for the faint of heart, do you agree with this list, or are there weirder moments you think should have made the cut?