Top 10 best comedy sketches done for charity

Comedy sketches are always worth watching, and when they’re for a good cause we always feel like we’ve got an extra reason to laugh. Here’s a brief summary of some of the best comedy sketches around – and they were all done for charity.

1. Smithy to the Rescue for Red Nose Day 2011

This now-classic sketch features some of Britain’s best-loved celebrities, from Keira Knightly to Paul McCartney, as they argue over who should travel to Africa to make a Comic Relief video. Smithy, the star of ‘Gavin and Stacey’, has to lend a hand with the organisation to make sure they get the best video possible… 


2. The Vicar of Dibley meets Johnny Depp for Comic Relief 1999

A certain Hollywood heart throb drops in on Dibley to make a film, and the Vicar just has to meet him…

3. Rowan Atkinson’s Headmaster at the Secret Policeman’s Ball 1979

One of Britain’s best-loved comics takes to the stage as a disgruntled headmaster at the 1979 Secret Policeman’s Ball in aid of Amnesty International.

4. Andy Murray and Richard Ayoade make a movie for Stand Up for Cancer 2014

Always up for a laugh, tennis champion Andy Murray sends himself up with The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade in this 2014 sketch for Stand Up for Cancer, as they attempt to make a film about Andy’s life and career.


5. Blackadder talks about the British Army at the Royal Variety Show 2000

Edmund Blackadder makes an appearance at the Royal Variety Show, in aid of the Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund, in which he bemoans Great Britain’s lack of international standing. He suggests a few ways to restore her to her former glory including, er, invading France via the Eurostar.

6. Lauren Cooper meets Tony Blair, Comic Relief 2007

Catherine Tate’s schoolgirl parody, the loud-mouthed teen Lauren Cooper, has somehow got herself on a work experience placement at 10 Downing Street, and she doesn’t put on her best behaviour for anyone, especially not the Prime Minister. In Tony Blair, though, she might have finally met her match… 


7. Monty Python’s Parrot Sketch at the Secret Policeman’s Ball 1976

Mot many acts can get away with redoing a famous sketch live on stage, but Monty Python’s parrot sketch has entered the history books as one of the best in existence – and it’s even funnier in front of a live audience.

8. ‘Mama Mia!’, Comic Relief 2009

The feel-good Abba musical is sent up by Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Sienna Miller, and features Joanna Lumley as… Patsy from ‘Absolutely Fabulous’? A must-see for anyone who wasn’t a fan of the original!


9. The Apprentice Meets Dragon’s Den, Children in Need 2011

Lord Alan Sugar takes on the Dragons in this sketch as he tries to sell them a best-selling business idea featuring a very familiar yellow bear.


10. Billy Pearce decorating at the Children’s Royal Variety Show 1992

We finish with some classic slapstick comedy, performed in aid of the NSPCC, because you can’t go wrong with a few wayward decorators…

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