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Murder: Fight for the Truth: Must-See True Crime Series Premieres on CBS Reality Tonight

Murder: Fight for the Truth: Must-See True Crime Series Premieres on CBS Reality Tonight

If you’re a true crime connoisseur, then you’ll know that CBS Reality, home to expert-led true crime, always delivers the right M.O.
Whether you’re a stalwart or a fascinated newbie, then you should clear your TV diary at 10pm tonight, so you don’t miss the latest brilliant original series from CBS Reality - Murder: Fight for the Truth.
This unique series champions and celebrates the extraordinary work of people – professionals, families and friends – who have gone to incredible lengths to crack difficult cases and put the perpetrators behind bars. Every episode is authored by the hero who, often fighting against heavy odds, refused to back down in their search for the truth and justice for the victims.
Murder: Fight for the Truth covers a different, engrossing case each episode, with six coming from the United States and four from here in Britain. Each episode follows the story of the heroes – police officers, journalists, investigators, family and friends – whose efforts were so vital in solving these violent, disturbing crimes.
The brilliant new series begins tonight with the story of Julie Hogg, a 22-year-old Mum who went missing in Billingham in 1989. Although police were certain it was a missing person’s case, Julie’s mother was convinced something more sinister had happened. After discovering her daughter’s body behind a bath panel, Ann Ming began a 15-year-long battle to bring her killer to justice. Her determination helped to change an 800-year-old law on double jeopardy.
Episode three casts a microscopic lens over one of the most notorious cases in Welsh history – the John Cooper murders. In 1985, 58-year-old farmer Richard Thomas and his 54-year-old sister Helen were murdered at their remote manor house in Pembrokeshire. Three years later, holidaymakers Peter and Gwenda Dixon were shot at close range while walking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. The police knew they were dealing with a serial killer, but with no leads, the case remained unsolved.
In 2006, determined Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins reopened the case and strung together the threads of a series of violent crimes using advances in forensics and other technology. His relentless efforts helped to solve the puzzle and the murderer was eventually caught and convicted.
Later in the series features a Californian case that that lay cold for thirty years. In December 1974, 30-year-old Annie Ross didn’t turn up for a double date in La Palma where she lived. Her body was discovered in her new apartment, while her pet dog was found unharmed in a closed drawer. With no leads or modern forensics, the case remained unsolved.  In 1996, rookie cop Jim Engen took another look at the file, and DNA testing was used to uncover a profile for an unknown male.
Image of a still from the TV series Murder: Fight for the Truth true crime TV Series
The fascinating new series wraps up after ten engrossing weeks with the case of Leanne Tiernan, a 16-year-old schoolgirl who disappeared less than one mile from her home after a Christmas shopping trip to Leeds in 2000. When her body was found 9 months later, Detective Superintendent Chris Gregg led one of the biggest manhunts in West Yorkshire Police’s history, embracing cutting edge sciences that led them to the door of her killer. 
Murder: Fight for the Truth is a compelling addition to CBS Reality's roster of true crime programming. Like all their original true crime shows, this new series includes first-hand accounts, critical evidence and the expert analysis needed to peel back the layers of these disturbing crimes. With the focus on the determined individuals who fought so hard to bring justice to the victims, this series is truly inspirational.
Murder: Fight for the Truth premiers on CBS Reality on Thursday, 6th April at 10pm, and continues on Thursdays for ten weeks. Episodes will also be available to stream via the CBS Catchup Channels UK app.
Home to expert-led true crime, CBS Reality investigates authentic criminal cases through first-hand interviews, archive footage and key evidence. Always factual, always true.
Find CBS Reality on Freeview (67), Sky (146), Virgin (148) and Freesat (135) and via the CBS Catchup Channels UK App.

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