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Maya the Bee buzzes onto cinema screens


1st Jan 2015 Film & TV

Maya the Bee buzzes onto cinema screens

Meet Maya, a little bee with a big, curious heart. 

This delightful animated family film, based on the beloved 1912 children’s book, is going to keep little ones across the country wide-eyed and fully occupied this half-term.

Maya is a very busy bee. Unlike the others in her hive, she has a multitude of non-bee friends. There’s Flip, the violin-playing grasshopper, Kurt the dung beetle, and even Sting, the hornet. Maya’s ‘fearsome’ friends cause the bees in her hive to steer well clear of her, much to Maya's dismay. 

Feeling like the odd one out, Maya sets out to leave her hive and go to live in a meadow instead. She’s a bee on a mission: dreaming of the big wide world and ready to escape her stuffy lifelong home. She's ready to spread her wings, to be as free as a… bee?

Maya quickly learns that her fellow bees do in fact hold a very special place in her heart. After hearing that the greedy queen bee's advisor has been dipping his antennae into the precious Royal Jelly pot, Maya returns home with her friends to save the hive!

Maya and the gang are determined to save the day, make peace between the bees and the wasps, and prove that friendship is definitely thicker than honey. 

Directed by Alex Stadermann and featuring the voices of Coco Jack Gillies (Mad Max: Fury Road), Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Jacki Weaver, (Silver Linings Playbook, Animal Kingdom), Miriam Margolyes (who plays the kindly queen) and Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing, Mission Impossible). 

Maya the Bee opens in cinemas across the country from October 23rd


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