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LEINN Arts, rethinking the ways of educating in the Creative and Cultural industries


11th Aug 2021 Film & TV

LEINN Arts, rethinking the ways of educating in the Creative and Cultural industries

LEINN Arts is the Official European Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation focused on Creative and Cultural Industries. 

The aim is to train young people in cultural entrepreneurship, implementing a disruptive educational methodology based on the experience of Tiimiakatemia (Finland) and Mondragon Unibertsitatea, impulsed by Travelling University and Last Tour.

 This methodology offers an educational method where learning is not measured by exams but establishes a “Learning by doing” format. The learning spaces are no longer traditional classrooms, and the university becomes a learning laboratory, located in three leading cities for Creative Industries: Berlin, Bilbao, and Seoul. The training development is carried out by working in international and multidisciplinary teams, through real projects. Likewise, the people who accompany the learning process of the youngsters are not teachers but Team Coaches.

Today, the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) are considered a key element for development, with the year 2021 being declared the International Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development by UNESCO. 

 The creative economy is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, contributing 3% to the global GDP. Therefore, CCIs are a clear creator of employment, attracting investment and stimulating the local economy through tourism and cultural consumption.

Cultural infrastructure is a catalyst for urban development globally. For example, building a museum often offers opportunities to participate in large urban development projects and to promote a new "city brand" around CCIs. These iconic projects increase the attractiveness of a city for tourists, talented and highly skilled workers. Bilbao, in the Basque Country, one of the key destinations within the degree, is now an icon of urban regeneration driven by culture. The construction of the Guggenheim Museum resulted in the creation of more than 1,000 full-time jobs, and since then tourism has multiplied by eight.

On the other hand, the technological revolution has created more accessible formats and tools of consumption; it has fostered the emergence of new audiences; the facilitation of management and communication; and the power to collect and analyze data (Big data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain). Likewise, the aforementioned factors have caused changes in business models and consumption models in cultural industries.

Despite the fact that the cultural sector is facing great changes, cultural agents, companies, and institutions have the challenge of adapting to the new logic of the sector. On the one hand, highly individualistic positions or tendencies towards isolation and inbreeding prevail in ICCs; the absence of a normative - legislative framework in accordance with the social reality of the moment causes little social structuring and excessively informal positions; vocational training in CCIs does not respond directly to the main needs of the sector.

 Through a study developed by the LEINN Arts team, it was seen that training in CCIs requires adapting to the new changes that the sector is experiencing. Education in the different artistic-cultural disciplines is compartmentalized, not very transgressive, and does not have a professional connection with the Creative and Cultural Industries. This being the current situation, a proposal was developed that accompanies the transformation of the sector which allows training future professionals in the sector; through collaborative work, understanding of leadership roles, internationalization, multidisciplinarity, connection with ICCs, and training to create new business models.

The analysis led to the conclusion that the emergence of new technologies and the trends towards globalization have changed the rules of the game in cultural industries, showing the need for a figure/agent who is capable of analyzing, managing, and administrating resources, design participation strategies, communicate, and evaluate artistic-cultural resources, and create entrepreneurial projects in the cultural sector developing new business models. A link between the artistic-creative field and the market must be created.

Starting from this base, the LEINN Arts team has built an educational proposal in the CCIs based on the LEINN model, which has more than 10 years of experience in the leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation sectors, adding the layer on Creative and Cultural Industries (LEINN Arts). For this, in LEINN Arts the learning method is based on teamwork and places people and the entrepreneurial team at the center and implies the creation and development of real entrepreneurial projects in the ICCs. The team is the key element of the process that allows developing the necessary skills and competencies for professionalization in CCIs.

The LEINN program focused in Arts and Creative and Cultural Industries (LEINN Arts) is part of Mondragon University  which is a non-profit cooperative university in the Basque Country, officially established and recognised in 1997. At Mondragon University we have a commitment towards social transformation with a clear human vocation and a commitment to our environment, our society and our time. Mondragon University has over 10 years experience on running the LEINN degree. LEINN Arts is powered by Travelling University, which is a cooperative educational platform that designs international creative, human and business learning experiences through a global, diverse and multicultural mindset; and Last Tour, one of the leading companies in Creative and Cultural Industries in Spain, which offers the connection with the industry.

 For more information about LEINN Arts visit www.leinnarts.com

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