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Interview with Jenny Seagrove, star of Another Mother's Son

Eva Mackevic

BY Eva Mackevic

1st Jan 2015 Film & TV

Interview with Jenny Seagrove, star of Another Mother's Son

Another Mother's Son is a war drama telling the extraordinary real story of Louisa Gould. Film's star Jenny Seagrove talks to us about portraying Gould and the relevance of the film's themes of kindness and compassion today.

Interview with Jenny Seagrove—Louisa Gould in Another Mother's Son 

Based on the extraordinary true story of Louisa Gould, Another Mother’s Son is a drama set against the backdrop of Nazi occupation on the Channel Islands during WWII. Used by the Germans as a base where prisoners of war are put to work in slave labour camps, the residents of Jersey face a future of uncertainty and fear.


One such resident is Louisa Gould who, having lost one of her sons in the war, takes in an escaped Russian POW, whom she lovingly nicknames Bill, and hides him from the German forces, putting her own life in danger. The two form a close, mutually heartening bond: Louisa teaches Bill English, he helps her out in her shop—slowly but surely, she introduces him to her closest friends and family, trusting the tight-knit Jersey community to keep her secret.

Yet as rations on the island become scarcer and tensions rise among the inhabitants, the safety of Louisa’s secret becomes more and more precarious.


Jenny Seagrove delivers a strong, inspired performance as Louisa Gould. Her expressive, determined face catches every shade of Gould’s defiance, dignity and courage. The chemistry between her and Bulgarian actor Julian Kostov, who plays Bill, is incredibly touching and believable—it is heart-breaking to see them part ways, knowing they’ll never find each other again.


The supporting cast is equally impressive: Ronan Keating makes his acting debut as Louisa Gould’s brother Harold, portraying him as a kind-hearted, charismatic man (he even sings a song in Russian!). Amanda Abbington plays Louisa’s lovable sister Ivy and John Hannah is her wary husband Arthur.


Jenny Seagrove talked to us about the difficulties and rewards of playing Louisa Gould, what the atmosphere was like during the shoot and why this story bears such huge importance, especially today. 

Another Mother's Son opens in cinemas across the UK on 24 March


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