Interview: Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul, stars of Fathers and Daughters

Farhana Gani 

Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul talk about working together again in the emotionally charged love story, Fathers and Daughters.

Russell Crowe is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and a loving dad to his ‘potato chip’, Katie (Amanda Seyfried). The film opens with dad, Jake Davis (Crowe), mourning the sudden death of his wife.

Crowe was in the same car crash that killed her and is suffering a brain trauma as well as depression. Treatment requires he check into a mental hospital for a good part of a year, forcing him to leave his 5-year-old daughter Katie with his wealthy in-laws.

Diane Kruger plays Katie’s aunt and is a joy to watch as she icily restrains herself from outright accusing Jake of killing her sister. Instead, she turns to alcohol to numb her pain.

Sam Neill is her legal eagle uncle who boasts; “I make more money than God!” Together, they try to persuade Jake that he’s incapable of raising his daughter properly and to let them adopt her.

The story moves back and forth between the 1980’s where Jake Davis struggles with mental illness as he tries to raise little Katie, and Katie’s life 20 years later in present-day Manhattan, where she battles the demons that stem from her traumatic childhood.

She finds herself incapable of love and unwilling to form close attachments. Until, one night, she meets Cameron (Aaron Paul) in a bar…

Watch our interview with Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul:

The script blew Director Gabriele Muccino's mind, who is best known for The Pursuit of Happiness and Seven Pounds, away when it was first shown to him in 2012.

“It was one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. It’s highly emotional, highly relatable, there is so much life to it and I just connected with it… It’s about life, death, loss, love and fear to lose the person you love, it’s basically the foundation.”

It also resonated with the cast. “I just fell apart reading the script. It’s so emotional. It hits you on a very deep level. I don’t do a movie unless I’m physically affected by the script, and this was just undeniable,” says Russell Crowe.

Aaron Paul, who plays Cameron, said that he thought the script was “so honest, pure and genuine. I heard that Amanda was playing Katie and Russell was playing her father, so I just had to jump at the chance.”

The cast also includes Jane Fonda, who stars as Jake Davis’s agent and Janet McTeer as adult Katie’s therapist.


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