First look at Robert Redford’s A Walk in the Woods

The first trailer has landed for the star-studded adaptation of travel writer Bill Bryson’s extraordinary memoir, A Walk in the Woods.

Bill Bryson (played by two-time Oscar winner Robert Redford) returns to the United States after two decades in England, desperate to reconnect with his homeland.

Struck by a romantic whim he sets his heart on trekking 1000 arduous miles from Maine to Georgia on the longest continuous footpath in the world, The Appalachian Trail.

The journey would be a challenge for men half his age with less than 25% of hikers seeing it through to the end. Fearful for her husband’s safety, Cathy (national treasure Emma Thompson) insists he doesn’t go solo.

Having been turned down by almost all his friends (“I’d rather do something fun…like a colonoscopy”), Bryson has no choice but to accept the offer of an old friend (Nick Nolte), now an overweight recovering alcoholic who will surely struggle with the trail even more than him. 

And so goes the first step in director Ken Kwapis’ (He’s Just Not That Into You) film adventure full of bizarre characters, hilarious tribulations and a friendship rediscovered. Bill Bryson is about to realize that some roads are better left untraveled…

UK audiences can join Robert Redford on A Walk in the Woods from September 18.

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