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Beating all odds - Lina Cardona conquering it all


20th Nov 2020 Film & TV

Media is said to be one of the most prominent platforms in the entertainment industry today. It has become a powerful tool for businesses not just to advertise but to sell their brand as well. Due to its glamorous outlook, millions of people dream of joining the media. Thousands of them try their lucks, yet only a few talented ones are able to reach their destination and mark their spot in the industry. 

Due to gender discrimination in every business, women have a hard time securing a spot in the entertainment industry. Even if they do so, not many of them have been able to achieve success in the real essence. As a result, a lot of women lose their hope of achieving their goals or give up after a certain point. Nevertheless, despite the hurdles placed in their ways, very few women have been able to reach a spot in their media careers that has been nothing but an ideal example of hard work, dedication, and consistency. 

One of such few determined women is Lina Cardona, an internationally acclaimed name in the entertainment industry. Lina has been strong-willed throughout her life. Consequently, she didn't follow success, but success followed her. 

Lina's journey from being born in Medellín, Antioquia to becoming a famous fashion model and actress, has been spectacular. She started off with her professional life as a business management graduate, working as a commercial manager. Yet, this was not her final destination. Lina was born to achieve great things in life.

The breakthrough

In 2013, Lina participated in 'Señorita Bogota,' a national beauty competition. Even though it was her first shot at the modelling career, Lina was crowned as the vice queen. Helping her realize where her true passion lies, the competition turned out to be a major milestone of Lina's life. It fueled a fire within her, making her want to pursue this profession as a career, achieving success.  

In 2014, with her head and hopes high, Lina participated in the internationally known modelling competition called 'Colombia's Next Top Model.' As a cherry on top, she was the runners up of the competition. Being a part of a national reality TV show was an amazing breakthrough for Lina's career. She was not only able to create her fan base, but the experience she received from such a platform helped her build onto her modelling career later on in life. 

As a result of her marvelous appearance of the nationally acclaimed competition, Lina's career took a huge turn. She was bombarded with modelling offers for famous brands including Cerveza Aguila. As a part of the advertising campaign, being the 'Chica Aguila,' Lina toured the different parts of the country. The country tour during festivals and other celebration helped Lina connect with people, getting to know them, increasing her fans, and making her well-known in every part of the country. 

This opportunity, however, wasn't just it. Lina further landed commercials, print advertisements, and shows for leading brands and magazines including, Claro 4G, Renault, Ego, Beer, Telmex, 4-72. With her quick recognition in the modelling industry, Lina's journey didn't stop here. Her career additionally delved into video clips of pop stars such as Jonathan Moly and Francy.  

Taking over the acting industry 

With Lina's entry in the entertainment industry, her tremendous work was making her unstoppable. In 2016, her debut on the RCN Channel in 'Bloque de Busqueda' marked her permanent spot in the acting world as well. The famous Colombian television series formed a foundation for her acting career. 

The following years, Lina appeared in 'La Nocturna,' followed by her features in 'La Reina del flow' in 2018 and 'El man es Germán' in 2019. Not just this, with her fast pace of attracting media's attention, Lina appeared in several Colombian films including 'El show de Cejas Pobladas,' 'Macho,' 'Operacion Pacifico,' and 'And We Went to the World' in 2019. Lina is today determined to take over the acting industry as well.

Lina's phenomenal acting skills helped her create an international fan base. Her fans believe that her exceptional acting skills are what makes her stand out amongst the rest of the actors. Not just Colombia, but in all of South America, Lina is a well-known and recognized model and actress. Currently living in Miami, FL, Lina is attracting media's attention from all over the globe. 

Lina Cardona's contribution to the art industry is nothing but a praiseworthy model. In a small period of time, Lina has single-handedly created an extraordinary path for herself. Her career path from a commercial manager to a successful artist is what highlights her presence in the mass of the artists these days. Whether it be a modelling career or an acting one, Lina's talent has enabled her to conquer it all.

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