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9 Moments from Harry Potter that the new TV series has to include

BY Charlie Rosse

18th May 2023 Film & TV

9 Moments from Harry Potter that the new TV series has to include

With the announcement of a new show, here are moments from the books that would be amazing to finally see on screen 

Following the recent announcement of a brand-new TV series being in the works, Harry Potter fans celebrated by speculating on what an adaptation might look like when it’s free of time constraints. With the additional hours that a series allows, many great moments can be included from the books which were discarded in the original films. Here are some plot points which I hope will now be given the chance to feature.  

Norbert’s midnight escape from the Astronomy Tower

Hogwarts Castle as depicted in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located in Universal Orlando Resort's Island of Adventure. Photo credit: Rstoplabe14

In the film we only saw Norbert for a few minutes when he hatched. But in the books Harry, Ron and Hermione spend a lot more time with him, helping to look after the baby dragon over a number of weeks. They become instrumental in Norbert’s escape and it shows how far Hermione has come to join in on this adventure, when she had been so vocally against night-time excursions previously.  

The Deathday party 

Chamber of Secrets is the spookiest of the series and this chapter adds to the macabre feel. We didn’t get enough of the ghosts in the films and even those we did see, didn’t really have personalities. They were just kind of there, almost as extras.

"We didn’t get enough of the ghosts in the films and even those we did see, didn’t really have personalities"

The removal of Peeves in his entirety was a particular tragedy and many are counting on his presence this time around, for light-hearted silliness and pranks.   

The Quidditch World Cup  

The Quidditch World Cup is one of my favourite chapters of the entire series. The descriptions are so detailed and it’s such a magical moment where we are shown the wizarding community (and the capabilities of their magic) on a much grander scale than we experience within the confines of Hogwarts. The match itself is really exciting and well narrated, and there is a hilarious battle between the Veela and Leprechauns.  

Harry gives Fred and George his Triwizard winnings to start their shop

In the third book, Harry was gifted the Marauder's Map by the Weasley twins

This is such a sweet moment in the books, showcasing Harry’s generosity as well as his affection for the twins. It is also a perfect way to repay them for gifting Harry the Marauder’s Map in Prisoner of Azkaban. The connected explanation for their blackmail of Ludo Bagman, a storyline cut from the film, gives the twins a darker edge that we haven’t seen before. It establishes them as slightly more rounded in their personalities, compared to the jokey pranksters they’ve been up until this point.  

Visiting St Mungo’s  

The funny and the heart-breaking sit side-by-side in this chapter, when Harry, Ron and Hermione bump into first Lockhart, then Neville’s parents on the same ward.

"Seeing the impact of what happened to the Longbottoms helps us to understand Neville a little more"

Seeing the impact of what happened to the Longbottoms helps us to understand Neville a little more and the moment when he puts the sweet wrapper secretly into his pocket is emotional. 

Voldemort’s background

In the sixth book, Harry discovers how similar he and Voldemort actually are

Harry’s extra lessons with Dumbledore are such a fascinating part of the book where we get to see Voldemort as a younger man and the family he is descended from. It brings an ounce of humanity to view him as something other than the powerful enemy, but that humanity immediately disintegrates. Harry often worries throughout the books that he is similar to Voldemort. But here it is made clear they are polar opposites, despite having similarly loveless upbringings.  

Harry’s relationship with Ginny  

I think we can all agree that Book Ginny is superior to Film Ginny. Their relationship was woefully underdone in the films, with nothing of the passion or the will-they-won’t-they tension we can find in the books.

"I think we can all agree that Book Ginny is superior to Film Ginny"

And when they finally get together it is so deliciously satisfying. This makes the impact so much more noble and emotional when Harry breaks up with Ginny for her own safety at the end.  

Godric’s Hollow memorials  

An underrated moment is when Harry comes across two memorials to his parents during his visit to Godric’s Hollow—the statue in the centre of the village and the sign by the ruined house. The statue memorialises Harry alongside his parents and represents them as a family which he always craves to see, while the messages of support that were carved into the sign uplift him at a time when he is feeling very alone hunting horcruxes.  Both are more impactful than seeing his parents’ graves, which is the only bit that made it into the film. 

The Battle of Hogwarts

The Hall of Christ Church, Oxford, which inspired the Great Hall in the movies. Photo credit: Mike Peel

Harry becoming the Master of Death, the Death Eaters’ curses failing to stick (due to Harry’s sacrifice protecting his friends in the same way his mother’s sacrifice protected him), the final showdown with Voldemort in the Great Hall and repairing his wand with the Elder Wand; these are all important and beautiful moments that were completely changed in the film. Hopefully this time around, the adaptation will stay more faithful to the book because the way it was originally written is very carefully thought out and has so much more impact.

Thumbnail photo credit: By Bloomsbury/J.K.Rowling

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