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5 Top films to see this July

5 Top films to see this July

From the beautiful life story of Amy to the fifth instalment of the Terminator, all genres are covered this month. Watch one of our top picks for the month ahead.

Foreign language: 13 minutes

Georg Elser has been largely forgotten by history. A communist sympathiser who attempted to assassinate Hitler and his entourage with a bomb in 1939, his exploits have been overshadowed by the more famous Claus von Stauffenberg (portryed on screen by Tom Cruise in 2008’s Valkyrie). But this riveting and harrowing film from Downfall director Oliver Hirschbiegel should change that. Christian Friedel, in particular, is wonderful as Elser, a musician and womansier who slowly realises the horror of the Nazi regime, but he’s matched in the acting stakes by Katharina Schüttler as Elsa, his troubled mistress. 13 Minutes is tough to watch at times, but it’s no less compelling for that.


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Documentary: Amy 

Singer Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning at just 27, but her immense musical talent continues to influence the world of music, paving the way for a new generation of female soul singers. Using archive footage and home video, Amy shows a side of the artist that was often obscured by the coverage of her chaotic lifestyle—a young talent growing up, finding and then struggling with fame.


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Drama: Eden

This charming French movie charts the rise and fall of Paul (Félix de Givry), a dance DJ who pioneers a new sound but sees others fulfil his dreams of success. The rise-and-fall narrative is simple, but Eden is a real gem. The soundtrack is a delight, even for those with no interest in the genre, and the skillfully developed characters cast a powerful spell—you don’t realise your emotional engagement until the heartbreaking final moments.


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Animation: Song of the Sea

Based on a tale from Irish folklore, this animation tells the story of a young boy who discovers that his mute sister is in fact a Selkie—a girl who came from the sea. We follow the siblings as they set out on an adventure to free other mystical creatures who are stuck in the modern world. Nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar, it should be perfect viewing for audiences of all ages.


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Action/Sci-fi: Terminator Genisys

Arnie has certainly stayed true to the words of his famous catchphrase. Over 30 years after the rather excellent first film, he’s back in the fifth instalment of the Terminator franchise. We’ve reached 2029, and John Connor, his mother and an ageing terminator are crossing time lines in the ultimate rage against the machines.


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