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5 Films you can't miss this September

BY Tom Browne

1st Jan 2015 Film & TV

5 Films you can't miss this September

We've selected five of the latest films out this month for you to watch. From the return of everyone's favourite singleton, Bridget Jones, to the action-packed Deepwater Horizon and drama of The Clan.

The Clan

The period after the Falklands War in 1982, as Argentina moved from dictatorship to democracy, provides the backdrop to this compelling film.

Arquímedes Puccio (Guillermo Francella) is a former state intelligence operative who, finding himself out of favour and unemployed, embarks on a series of kidnappings to maintain his status. Even worse, he ropes in the rest of his outwardly respectable family—including his rugby-player son Alejandro (Peter Lanzani), who becomes increasingly disturbed as the abductions spiral into murder.

The narrative (based on a real case), builds gradually, so the shocking implications only fully reveal themselves at the very end. Although a little confusing at times—the flashback structure takes a bit of getting used to—it’s a film that will stay with you.


The Infiltrator

There have been lots of films about cops going undercover and losing their moral compasses, and this reprises the theme in the shape of US Customs agent Rob Mazur (Bryan Cranston) who exposed
a huge money-laundering operation in the 1980s.

This true-life story is well acted and efficiently told, even though it can’t top the far superior Donnie Brasco (indeed, there are plenty of sly nods to that movie).


Bridget Jones’s Baby

It’s a full 12 years since the last outing from everyone’s favourite accident-prone singleton.

Now in her forties, Bridget (Renée Zellweger) is focusing on a new career after her split with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) when she realises that she’s pregnant—and is only 50 percent sure about the father’s identity.

This second sequel deviates from Helen Fielding’s third Bridget Jones novel but promises the usual mixture of laughs and pratfalls.


Two Women

This Russian adaptation of Ivan Turgenev’s play A Month in the Country focuses on bored aristocrat Natalya (Anna Vartanyan) and her dalliances with her admirer Mikhail (Ralph Fiennes) and her children’s tutor Alexey (Aleksandr Baluev).

Although unsubtle in its approach—there’s a lot of running through forests and cornfields to the sound of strings—this comedy of manners still raises a few laughs.


Deepwater Horizon

The title refers to the infamous drilling-rig explosion in 2010, which killed 11 workers and flooded the Gulf of Mexico with oil.

Director Peter Berg has assembled an impressive cast for this retelling of the story (including Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson), which also offers plenty of opportunities for explosive special effects.


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