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5 Films you can't miss this month


6th Mar 2018 Film & TV

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5 Films you can't miss this month
Iconic action reboots, biblical epics and a quintessentially mad Nicolas Cage performance are among our top cinema picks this March. 

Mom and Dad 

Fancy seeing Nicolas Cage smash up a pool table in a Misfits T-shirt while singing the "Hokey Pokey" song? Of course you do! You’ll get this, plus lashings of bloody violence, hilarious slapstick and an appropriately driving soundtrack in this off-the-wall comedy-horror in the vein of Shaun of the Dead. When a mysterious mass hysteria causing parents to murder their children hits a sleepy US suburb, a teenage girl and her younger brother have to find a way to survive. Here’s Johnny!
Out on March 9 

You Were Never Really Here 

A troubled hired gun sets out to save the young daughter of a politician from prostitution, putting his own life and family in danger. Joaquin Phoenix is at his best as the emotionally desensitised, mumbling contract killer, swinging hammers and knives in this stylistically ambitious and gut- churningly violent thriller that wowed critics at the Cannes Film Festival.
Out on March 9 

Mary Magdalene 

Hollywood power couple Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix star as Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth in this grand biblical drama. Directed by Garth Davis (Lion), the film traces Mary Magdalene’s story from the moment she leaves her family in a small fishing village to follow Jesus and the Apostles to the moment of his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection in Jerusalem. Ambitious, slow-moving and sparse, it’s the perfect movie for spiritual, Easter- time contemplation.
Out on March 16

The Square 

When it comes to gobsmackingly good scene- per-film ratio, director Ruben Östlund’s latest blows all competition out of the water. Every other scene in this wildly uninhibited comedy-drama will make you gasp, squirm or squint in delightful bolts of shock.
The Square revolves around art gallery director Christian (Claes Bang), who, after getting his mobile phone stolen, endures a series of bizarre and humiliating events. Crossing his path are the awkward journalist Anne (Elisabeth Moss), the pretentious artist Julian (Dominic West) and a whole ensemble of wacky supporting characters. It’s a witty, self-aware piece of cinema that deftly juggles issues big and small (from societal boundaries to used condoms) with cool-headed poise and elegance.
Out on March 16

Tomb Raider 

Alicia Vikander steps into Angelina Jolie’s shoes as the adventurer-archaeologist Lara Croft in this iconic action reboot. This time, Lara’s determined to find out whether her father, who mysteriously disappeared seven years earlier, is still alive. She sets off to his last known destination, a mythical island off the coast of Japan, where she will have to push herself beyond her limits.
Out on March 16