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5 BAFTA Comedies We Dare You Not To Laugh At

BY Anna Walker

1st Jan 2015 Film & TV

5 BAFTA Comedies We Dare You Not To Laugh At

Your challenge should you choose to accept it – sit through these sitcoms without cracking a smile. The BAFTA nominated comedies for 2015 are funnier than ever with faces old and new with laughs to brighten even the dreariest days.

From the surprise Spanish Inquisition in Monty Python Live to the like, so totally awesome rebranding of the Beeb in W1A these comedies will have you laughing till you cry…



Starring, written and directed by Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Office) who somehow has a comedic air before even opening his mouth, Detectorists follows the loves, lives and metal-orientated ambitions of Andy and Lance (Toby Jones), two members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club.

This hilariously niche comedy, which won the 2015 BAFTA, sees the duo do battle with a rival metal detecting club, stumble into a murder enquiry and fight to keep their friendship alive. The BBC has scheduled series 2 for late 2015 so there’s still treasure to be found from these metal detecting heroes!
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Monty Python Live (Mostly) – One Down Five to Go

The reunion of the legendary team on stage for the first time in over 30 years, and for the last time ever, became the most anticipated ticket of 2014.

Filmed on the final night of the tour with the five surviving members – John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin – the show confirms the Python’s reputation as the most hilarious and influential comedy group of all time.

The Pythons perform their classic sketches and much loved songs with film inserts from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Terry Gilliam’s iconic animations, outrageous dance routines from an ensemble of 20 and an enthralling live orchestra.
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Mrs Brown’s Boys

Mrs Brown’s Boys is the marmite of TV comedy, but love her or hate her Mammy seems set to stay. Brendan O’Carroll, who plays Agnes (yes, shocker, she’s not a she), is nominated for his work on The Christmas Special but there’s so much Mrs. Brown out there there’s practically a show for every day of the year

With a movie already released in 2014 it seems there’s nothing stopping the fruit seller from Finglas.
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The follow up to the roaring success of Twenty Twelve, W1A sees Hugh Bonneville return as Ian Fletcher, now Head of Values at the BBC and still struggling against the Head of Perfect Curve Jessica Hynes and Senior Commissioning Officer Monica Dolan.

The BBC makes themselves the butt of their own joke in this hilarious send up. Look out for the second series running through April and May 2015.
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Ah the tranquility of a calm English church in idyllic Suffolk countryside. Reverend Adam Smallbone (Tom Hollander) is leader of a quaint country parish where the birds tweet and the rivers flow, until he is uprooted to the rather more urban multi-cultural, inner city St Saviour in Hackney, East London.

As he adjusts to city life with help from his ambitious solicitor wife Alex (Olivia Colman) he meets Nigel, a lay reader who believes he should be running the church, Archdeacon Robert who pressures him to increase the church’s income, heavy drinking Colin, homeless Mick and the man-hunting Adoha, who has her eyes firmly on the clerical prize.
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