10 Photos of Bond behind the scenes

Anna Walker

The James Bond film franchise is one of the longest running in silver screen history. We're looking back at 10 iconic behind-the-scenes photos of the actors who have played the world's smoothest spy. 

1. Sean Connery signs a coconut

Dr No Sean Connery signs a coconut
Image via Reddit

Sean Connery signs a coconut for a young Jamaican fan on the set of the first Bond film, Dr No

The producers originally wanted Cary Grant for the role of Bond, but he would only agree to feature in one film. 

Connery's casting was in part down to Dana Broccoli, wife of producer Cubby Broccoli, who insisted that despite his large 6'2 build, the Scot was right for the part. 



2. Connery and Claudine Auger relax between takes 

Sean Connery and Claudine Auger
Image via Jenny GR

The French actress played the part of Dominique "Domino" Derval in Thunderball. 

Censors originally wished to give the film an X-rating, its steamy shower scene in particular raising more than a few eyebrows. Of the 30 raunchy scenes in question, only one was cut from the finished film.

The censors noted on the sixth page of their complaint: "I get the impression that this screenplay has been deliberately hotted up with a view to including more sex".



3. Christopher Reeve visits Roger Moore on the set of Octopussy

Roger Moore Christopher Reeve Octopussy
Image via Reddit

Christopher Reeve takes a break from filming Superman III to visit the set of Octopussy. 

This film marked a departure from what audiences had come to expect from Bond, as Moore played the super spy for laughs. The inclusion of a clown costume, gorilla outfit and a certain Tarzan-style yell were a world away from the smooth 007 viewers had grown to love in Connery. 



4. Diana Rigg, Peter Hunt, George Lazenby and Albert R. Broccoli 

Diana Rigg, Peter Hunt, George Lazenby and Albert R. Broccoli on the set of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Image via Larry Ellis Collection

Photographed while filming On Her Majesty’s Secret Service—the only Bond film George Lazenby made.

The film is markedly different from other Bond films for a number of reasons, including Bond's marriage to his leading Bond girl, played by Diana Rigg.

Albert R Broccoli (right) is incredibly important to the Bond franchise. In total he produced 18 Bond films, and his daughter, Barbara Broccoli, has produced eight more. 



5. Sean Connery plays some golf

Sean Connery golf diamonds are forever
Image via Terry O'Neill

Teeing off on the set of Diamonds Are Forever. 

After George Lazenby left the series, United Artists paid Sean Connery a record $1.25 million to return as Bond. He used the fee to establish the Scottish International Education Trust which enabled Scottish artists to apply for funding so that they didn't have to leave the country to start their careers. 

Connery is a keen golfer and for 20 years owned the Domaine de Terre Blanche in the South of France on which he planned to build his dream 266-acre golf course. 



6. Daniel Craig on the other side of the camera

Daniel Craig
Image via Screen Rant

Daniel Craig reverses the camera in this behind-the-scenes shot from Skyfall. 

When he was cast in the iconic role, Craig said he wanted to bring more emotional depth to a franchise he previously saw as a money-making machine. 



7. Pierce Brosnan brushes up on his script

Pierce Brosnan reads Bond script
Image via Reddit

Brosnan first came into contact with Bond producer Albert R Broccoli when he visited his then wife Cassandra Harris on set. She was starring as Countless Lisl Von Schlaf in For Your Eyes Only.

Taken by the actor, Broccoli proclaimed; "if he can act, he's my guy".

Harris always wanted her husband to play Bond, but sadly she never lived to see her dream become a reality. Brosnan was cast in GoldenEye in 1994, four years after she died from ovarian cancer. 



8. Connery teaches Ursula Andress handstands

Sean Connery Ursula Andress
Image via Reddit

The original and for many the best Bond girl, Ursula Andress, won the part after sending the producers a photo of herself wearing a wet black t-shirt. 

She beat out competition that included Julie Christie—who Broccoli felt wasn't voluptuous enough for the role. 



10. Sean Connery and Ian Fleming

Sean Connery and Ian Fleming
Image via Reddit 

Speaking about Ian Fleming in 2008, Connery claimed that the author was unhappy with his casting as Bond. 

“What was it he called me, or told somebody? That I was an overdeveloped stunt man. He never said it to me. When I did eventually meet him he was very interesting, erudite and a snob—a real snob."

Fleming did appear to soften to Connery over time however, and eventually even altered Bond's backstory to give him Scottish ancestry.

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