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10 Cold Feet moments that had us gripped


1st Jan 2015 Film & TV

10 Cold Feet moments that had us gripped

It's one of the nation's best-loved comedy-dramas. It did heartache, grit, stupidity, humour, and was relentless where relationship mishaps were concerned. Affairs, illness, births and deaths are all included in our favourite Cold Feet moments. 

These videos contain strong language and some adult scenes

Adam serenades Rachel with a rose in an unexpected place

It's perhaps the most recognised scene from the whole series. In this, the pilot episode, Adam and Rachel meet for the first time and sparks fly. When he finds out that she has a boyfriend, he does the only thing he knows will win her affections—he plants a rose between his bum cheeks and sings 'I've got you under my skin' outside of her apartment window. 

It's the kind of behaviour that made us all fall for Adam's cheeky charms.


Jenny gives birth while Pete plays golf

Pete's ever-so-attentive in the run up to his son's birth, but when he accidentally leaves his dedicated 'birth-mobile' with Adam, the race is on to find him and get him to the hospital on time. Meanwhile, Adam sits in as Jenny's birthing partner in some emotional scenes.

They name their son after Adam, cementing the bond they all have as friends.


Rachel's pregnancy secrets are revealed

Rachel has kept her pregnancy a secret for a good reason. She confides in Karen who isn't very sympathetic. We're still in season one at this point, and the series has already taken a dramatic turn from its rather cheerful start. It's a taste of more to come, as we learn that all is not stable in the relationships of all six characters.


Adam's confides his cancer fears in a taxi driver

Adam discovers it's extremely likely that he has testicular cancer. He comes to terms with what it means for his masculinity, fertility and ego during a taxi ride with Ricky Tomlinson. 


Pete and Adam find themselves in deep water

It's the millennium and what better way to celebrate than to get stranded in a boat just off Lindisfarne. After they accidentally set fire to their boat, Pete and Adam have no other solution but to swim for it!


Jenny and Adam get a little too close

After telling her husband Pete that she doesn't think she loves him anymore. Their relationship quickly deteriorates and Adam's is a little at fault too.


Pete's having an affair

Having revealed her crush on Adam, Pete embarks on an affair with a colleague. His sensitive nature makes it sound heartfelt, but Adam has a few home truths for Pete. 


David confides in Karen as he plans an affair

It was clear from the offset that David and Karen's relationship was on the rocks—it was pretty much shipwrecked. It's not entirely clear why the couple have lasted so long. David's so uptight, he can't go through with an affair without a little chat with his wife first.


Pete says an emotional goodbye to Jenny and his son

Their off-again-on-again relationship reached its end when Jenny took a job in New York. After a miscarriage, she reevaluates her life and takes a risk on New York. Although Pete seems miserable, he finds love with Rachel's friend Jo, marrying her by the end of series 4.


Rachel and Adam are finally happy, but it's put to sad end

If Cold Feet has taught us anything through its first five series, it's that it doesn't deal in happy endings. It was no secret that one of the cast were going to be killed off in what was thought as the final season, but no one knew who. This heartbreaking episode came as a shock to all viewers.

PLEASE! WHY CAN'T THEY ALL JUST BE HAPPY? Well, perhaps series six will be a little brighter.

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