Steve Vai: If I Ruled The World


9th Jun 2022 Celebrities

Steve Vai: If I Ruled The World

Renowned guitarist, singer-songwriter and three-time Grammy winner Steve Vai shares his vision of a world he would like to lead

Only the facts

All world news outlets would not be allowed to offer opinion—only vetted, demonstrated facts. Within one generation, the face of social media and its messaging would dramatically change as a result. Opinionated news is the enemy of the world.

Propaganda would be banned

It would be considered a crime against humanity, because, simply put, it is.

An overhaul of the educational curriculum

A “conscious think tank” (the CTT) comprised of the world’s most inspired and accomplished people from various fields would be brought together to create a mindful approach to a thriving educational curriculum. The foundation would be based on empowering children by helping them find and cultivate their unique interests and authentic skills, and using them to creatively bring their “gifts” into the world in an enthusiastic co-creative way.  

"They would be reminded of the fact that they are free thinkers and that they are worthy of joy in life"

There would be no grading in this curriculum, which is another unconscious attack on the psyche of a child.  

They would be taught how valued they are as an individual and how vital their contribution to the world is, whatever it may be. They’d also be shown the great value in appreciating the “gifts” of others. They would be constantly reminded of the fact that they are free thinkers and that they are worthy of joy in life. Children can understand these things, unlike most conditioned adults who have been taught victimhood much of their life.  

Girl raising hand in classroom

Instilled value for reaching real solutions

Children would be taught that a real solution always results in a win-win for all involved, where there is no loss, only gain, and if a real solution was not found, the problem would keep repeating itself in different forms, and that’s just called history. They’d be taught that a real solution is arrived at when there is an authentic desire for one. This is all that’s required (but nothing more), for the mechanics of a real solution to start showing itself.

Most people authentically want an “I win, you lose” scenario, so the problem will keep repeating itself in their life until the dysfunction becomes unbearable and collapses. “The ego has a built-in self-destruct mechanism and it’s called deep suffering”—Eckhart Tolle. 

A brand new government

Government as it is today would be dismantled. The contemporary function of global government infrastructures would be labelled as dysfunctional and systematically dismantled. This would happen organically within several generations if rules 1-4 took place. Income tax around the world could perhaps be a happily paid four per cent of all income and the function of a very small government would be in serving the people. 

Black woman at laptop smiling

Digital voting

Technology would be developed, if it isn’t already, for inviolate, instant digital voting from a person directly to the source count. This paper ballot s**t has got to go. People would be able to make their decisions on things that affect them based on unbiased information in real time.

Infinite clean power

The innovation of free, instant, endless and clean power would be cultivated for the world. The wise “CTT” is aware that the moment an individual decides that it’s possible to find this source, and they are determined to find it, it must and will happen. 

"A real solution is arrived at when there is an authentic desire for one"

It’s interesting to ponder how things might transpire if this list of lofty idealistic “rules” were acted on. I might assume that within 200 or so years the currency of the future would be appreciation.

Steve Vai’s new album Inviolate is out now. Buy Inviolate now - click here. He is touring Europe between March 24 - May 7. For tickets visit vai.com

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