Sean Lock's funniest moments

Sean Lock's funniest moments

In celebration of the comedian's life, we take a look back at some of Sean Lock's funniest moments

Sean Lock, best known as the team captain on Channel 4’s comedy panel show 8 out of 10 Cats, and its 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown spinoff, passed away today after a battle with cancer. He was just 58 years old. Lock's deadpan comedic style made millions laugh, and he was a Cats panellist for a decade, from its very first season in 2005 until its eighteenth in 2015. Here we celebrate five of his funniest moments.

The "Carrot in a box" game

In an iconic bluffing game on 8 Out of 10 Cats, Sean competed with fellow captain Jon Richardson to win a carrot in a box. The game was straightforward: one box has a carrot in it, the other doesn't, and you want to have the box with the carrot to win.

After being allowed to check whether their boxes contained the sought after carrot, Sean boldly said he would keep his box since it had the carrot, which effectively ended the point of the game. To howls of laughter from the audience and Jimmy Carr, Sean pointed out the game's inherent stupidity, while an exasperated Jon looked on. The game left host Jimmy Carr in tears, and Sean with the prized carrot. 

Derailing every show with his quick wit

His derailing of every show he appeared on was truly unparalleled. In one such quip he said:  "There's no such thing as a Sean Lock holiday because no two Sean Lock holidays are the same—mostly because I can't go back anywhere after".

In another he said, "I’m not sure what my biggest fear is. It’s either me saying yes to Strictly… or them saying no.” 

When he took his trousers off after doing the Cat Litter Challenge

Noting the widespread popularity of the "Ice Bucket Challenge" back in 2014, Sean proposed his own alternative called the "Cat Litter Challenge". Yes you guessed it, he ended up throwing a tray of cat litter over himself.

Complaining that the litter had gone down his trousers, he proceeded to take his trousers off and rearrange his underwear. Only Sean Lock.

His bizarre tactic to avoid awkward situations

When discussing fool-proof tactics to employ when in an awkward situation, Sean had a hilarious, if extremely bizarre, and probably unhelpful one to share.

"When you're talking to someone and mention their mum and they say their mum is dead, I just throw my beer at a dog." No words.

And when he said he doesn't want a funeral

On a segment of the show on people's funeral intentions, Sean revealed he doesn't want a funeral. "I want to be flytipped over a country lane", he said before adding, "I like the idea that I'll be annoying people even after I've died." He can be sure though that he amused many more people than he annoyed. 


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