Roger Black: If I Ruled The World


5th Apr 2022 Celebrities

Roger Black: If I Ruled The World

Roger Black MBE, 56, is a retired British Olympian who has dedicated his career both on and off the track to teamwork and helping others. He shares his ideal vision of the world

Children would detox from technology.

As a parent myself, I am always conscious of the amount of time that my children are spending in front of screens. My first rule as leader of the world would be that children must detox from technology out in the open.

If the coronavirus lockdowns taught us anything, it is that nature constantly surprises and delights us, throughout the seasons and in hidden nooks and crannies that we might not have discovered in a car. 

Everyone would watch The Princess Bride at least once in their life.

Yes, I know… a curve ball in at rule number two but what’s not to love? I am obsessed with this film. So much so that I chose it as my specialist subject on Celebrity Mastermind. It has it all—pirates, giants, miracles, rodents of unusual size, sword fights, revenge and, of course, true love.

People would be able to choose where to spend some of their taxes.

We never get to directly see or feel where our taxes are spent. Within my manifesto, I would edict that individuals have a choice when it comes to ten per cent of their tax and where it goes, on a local or national level.

I would encourage children to spend time with elderly people. 

Nobody should feel lonely in old age, so I would launch a national buddy-up system for the elderly who live alone, connecting them with somebody younger from their local community.

"Nobody should feel lonely in old age"

I would keep Britain moving. 

Every January many people decide to commit to a new “them” and a refreshed attitude towards fitness. Health and wellbeing should be a mantra every day of the year; keep moving rather than go over the top for one month of the year. Health is, literally, for life. 

“Food-ed” classes would be launched in schools.

Food unites us all, so I would ensure that every young person learned how to cook healthy, low-cost and easy meals, as part of the school curriculum. Back in the day, these classes were called “Home Education” but were phased out. I would probably re-name them “Food-Ed” and encourage schools to grow-their-own as well, as part of the process. 

Responsible dog ownership would be enforced.

I love dogs and have two of my own, but I am conscious that not everyone is comfortable with or around our canine friends. 

I would want dog owners to take more accountability for their pets, whether it be fouling the streets or being mindful of other people who might panic out on a walk, when they’re confronted by a particularly excitable dog. 

There would be far more patient involvement in clinical diagnosis.

I am a firm believer that no one knows our body like we do. In this respect, and mindful not to create a readership of “Google Doctors”, I would like to think that medical professionals might work in conjunction with patients more in the future.

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