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Brian Blessed: If I ruled the world

Brian Blessed: If I ruled the world

Brian Blessed’s acting career spans over 50 years. He’s also an avid explorer—and the oldest man to have trekked to the magnetic North Pole.

I’d educate people to appreciate all religions

religious unity

There’s a great deal of ignorance out there, causing much unhappiness. We need to have compassion for other beliefs. I’d remind people that while there may be many spiritual paths to choose, there’s only one spirit.


I’d ban exams for young children 

The pressure the education system puts on our children is ridiculous! Exams are counterproductive, stunting imagination and instilling a sense of fear and inadequacy.

Let’s have teachers with vision who fight against them. I walked out of my 11-plus exam all those years ago, but only after I’d covered the paper with drawings of dinosaurs. 


"I’d be the first person to set up home on another planet or in another universe."


I’d encourage adventure in all its forms


Whether by land, sea or to space, let’s get out there and take risks. If we live our lives too safely then something within us dies. There are vast areas of the world still to explore.

In the wilderness our senses improve and you see clearly and feel things you’ve never felt before. And I’d be the first person to set up home on another planet or in another universe. I’ve been fascinated by space since I discovered Mars existed when I was six years old. 


Death wouldn’t be something to fear

A few years ago I was a guest of the Dalai Lama. We watched a group of people flying kites and I asked him why they all looked so extraordinarily happy. He replied, “They have no fear of death.”

In Europe we all worry about dying and it makes us miserable. Buddhists accept death by contemplating it fully, release themselves from the fear and live better, fuller lives.


"Females are the great heroes in my life."


Men would value women more

man woman hands

I often find the way men treat women offensive. I love women! Most of what I’ve learned over my 79 years has come from them.

Did you know that Mount Everest is female? Men don’t seem to like that, but females are the great heroes in my life.

When I went to the North Pole I shared my tent with three women and they were the ones who got me there in the end. Women are the strength of mankind, and it’s about time men sat up and took notice.


I’d remind people, “there’s no one else like you and the biggest gift we have is life.”

We spend so much time trying to accrue material possessions that we forget the really important things in life cost nothing. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table.

Take time out every day to be still and peaceful. Value the energy in yourself and use it to fulfil your dreams.


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