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10 Celebrities reveal their household favourites

BY Alison Cork

1st Jan 2015 Celebrities

10 Celebrities reveal their household favourites

House styling expert Alison Cork takes us into the houses of celebrities and reveals their most loved areas, furniture and appliances. Who lives in a house like this...

David Cameron's Yellow Sofa

David Cameron's Yellow Sofa

Maybe it’s because it shares the same name as his daughter, or perhaps it is because it is hand-made in Britain. Whatever the reason, something attracted David Cameron to the Fancy Nancy sofa in Sunshine from Sofa Workshop. Neat and petite, this stylish seat has a smart tailored feel and is available from £1,999 from If it’s good enough for 10 Downing Street...

Sam Cam and Michelle Obama Yellow Sofa
Michelle Obama and Sam Cameron on the yellow sofa. Via Telegraph


Gwyneth Paltrow's Holy Book Shelf

Gwyneth Paltrow's Holy Book Shelf

We think that Gwyneth’s Juxtaposed Religion Shelf by Mike and Maaike is exceptionally clever. Built-in slots hold holy books—including the Qur’an, Bible, and Tao Te Ching—all at the same level. Which, is how the actress likes to think about religion, apparently.

Gwyneth Paltrow's minimal abode
Gwyneth's minimal abode. Via HookedOnHouses


Sophie Conran's Pink Kitchen

Sophie Conran's Pink Kitchen

What better to make you smile on a dull, winter’s morning than the sight of a vibrant pink kitchen? One fifth of the Conran dynasty, interior designer, cook and entrepreneur Sophie Conran’s ultra-feminine room may not be to everyone’s taste, but we adore it. Her favourite piece though, is ‘an enormous clock which was taken from an old factory’-and which helps her to, ‘be on time- sometimes.’ Shop Sophie’s own range at


Bruce Willis' Wine Cellar


We can’t confirm that this is Bruce Willis’ favourite room in his new home, but we’d be rather surprised if it isn’t. This temperature controlled wine cellar is such stuff as dreams are made on- but the Bedford, New York house didn’t come cheap, costing Willis $12 million.


Kate Mosse's Chinese Table

Kate Mosse's hinese Table

Best known for her novel Labyrinth, international author Kate Mosse OBE’s favourite piece is a beautiful ornamental Chinese table that's travelled with her from her childhood bedroom, to university, to rented flats, to her first house, and now sits in pride of place in her study in Sussex.

‘Tall and thin (a table for a plant, originally) it has skinny bamboo legs that flare towards the bottom, a rattan half shelf half way down and a border of bamboo around the green, china tiles of the top. It's supposed to be about a hundred years old, though who's to say. The reason it is so special is that my mother found it in an auction forty years ago. She restored it, polished it up, replaced the cracked tiles, and then gave it to me for a 16th birthday-present. It was dropped in one of the house moves and, again, Ma found a replacement tile (a slightly different green) and repaired it. It's not just the object, but the love that went into making it a gift.’

Kate  Mosse at home
Kate at home. Via DailyMail

Kate’s novel The Taxidermist Daughter (Orion, £16.99) and The Mistletoe Bride and Other Haunting Tales (Orion, £6.99) are out now.


David Beckham's Fridges

David Beckham's House

Rumour has it that due to his OCD, the football legend has three fridges in his home, Beckingham Palace- one for salad, a second for other food, and a third for drinks. We think one will suffice, but if you have the money…


Holly Willoughby's Morning Sofa

Holly Willoughby's home

It may not be her actual home, but Holly Willoughby spends so much time in the ITV This Morning studio that it may as well be- and it seems that she is so comfy there thanks to this Caruso sofa that she struggles to leave. 'I'm telling you now, I'm not getting out of this seat!' she said when designer and manufacturer Sofa Workshop delivered it. This Morning production designer Clara Zita chose the Caruso in Mull Wolf, but there are plenty of other fabrics to choose from with prices from £2,275 for a two-seater.


Sarah Jessica Parker's Glowing Globes

Sarah Jessica Parker's Golden Globes

Slightly bizarre- but nonetheless true- one of actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s favourite items in her home is her collection of glowing globes. This combined with her teal velvet sofa, table tennis table and pink animal print ottoman makes for a rather eclectic living room.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Home
Green with envy at Sarah's home. Via FashionSquad

Tom Parker Bowles' Super Appliances 

Tom Parker Bowles' Kitchen  
Tom's Kitchen. Via The EsotericCuriosa

You’d expect foodie and author of Let’s Eat Meat Tom Parker Bowles to have an impressive kitchen, and that he does. His go-to company is Sub Zero and Wolf, who he told he is ‘obsessed’ by-‘your ovens are majestic.’ Tom is also the proud owner of this Sub-Zero, ICBBI-48SID refrigerator and freezer with internal ice and water dispenser. This clever fridge has a Dual Compressor system, which enables each compartment to operate independently meaning that odour and flavour transference is prevented. Fancy!


George Clooney's Neckties

JFK's Neckties

According to our moles, apart from his 3D cinema and extensive wine cellar, some of George Clooney’s most treasured possessions in his home are neckties that belonged to President John F. Kennedy. Not many can say that, we’re sure… 

George Clooney at home
George at home with a mug

Alison Cork is a home expert and journalist who writes for the Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and Readers Digest. She is the founder of the homeware brand Alison at Home and One Regent Place – an online outlet for heavily discounted furniture and accessories.

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