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Why seriously comfortable underwear works wonders for your health


27th Nov 2019 Health Conditions

Why seriously comfortable underwear works wonders for your health

When you’re buying new underwear, you’re probably thinking about the colour, cut and style. But you should be thinking about the health impacts too?

The answer is yes. In fact, the wrong underwear can have a detrimental effect on your body, and on the other hand, the right underwear can work wonders for your health. 


In this article, we’ll be covering some of the best reasons why seriously comfortable underwear works wonders for your health; read on to find out more. 

It helps your skin breathe

One of the most important things that comfortable underwear can do for your health is to help your skin to breathe.


Whether it’s your bra, pants or vests, breathable underwear feels comfortable and tackles problems like overheating and sweatiness. 

If your underwear — particularly your bra — is made from the wrong material, it can trap heat and moisture in, and feel tight, causing you to feel uncomfortable and overheat. This can happen all too easily, whether you’re doing exercise, or even just engaging in everyday activities like walking or shopping — or simply the fact that it’s a warm day.


Buying a moisture-wicking bra or a tank top with a built-in bra like this one will help your skin to breathe, tackling discomfort and overheating. These are specifically designed to tackle sweat issues by drawing moisture to the surface of the material, which makes it easier for sweat to evaporate and keep you cool.

It can stop infections

It may sound extreme, but another issue that buying the wrong underwear can cause is infection.


If you’re constantly wearing pants that trap in heat and moisture (such as pants made from silk and synthetic fabrics), it can create the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bacterial infections.  


As we’ve mentioned, investing in comfortable and breathable underwear helps your skin dry and ventilated. A blend of cotton and moisture-wicking materials will work best — but if you’re particularly sweat-prone, invest in underwear made of moisture-wicking fabric and avoid cotton pants (which absorbs sweat and doesn’t dry quickly).

It can reduce breast pain and discomfort

As you move around during the day, so do your breasts. In fact, they move around more than you think; recent research has shown that as you jog or run, your breasts move up to 21cm.


This movement puts a big strain on our breast tissue and can make our breasts feel achy and even painful. Wearing the wrong bra (one that doesn’t fit properly or provide enough support) can make this feel worse.


A bra that is comfortable and fits you properly will reduce breast pain and discomfort. This is because it supports and protects your breasts properly — holding them in the right place and preventing too much uncomfortable movement. 

It’s good for your back

A comfortable, supportive bra won’t just reduce breast pain and discomfort — it will also improve your back health as well. 


If you are regularly wearing an ill-fitting or uncomfortable bra, it’ll do more than just dig into your skin — it will result in poor posture and can put a big strain on your shoulders, neck and back (especially if you have larger breasts). This can cause all sorts of problems like muscle tension, pain, and even headaches


The correct bra will support and hold up your breasts — which improves your posture and positively benefits your spine. 


Whether it’s your bra or pants, choosing comfortable underwear works wonders for your health — helping your skin to breathe, stopping infections and reducing aches and pains. 


Invest in underwear that fits you well and is made from breathable material, and you’ll feel the benefits. 

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