Sarah Ferguson: Books that changed my life

The Duchess of York is the author of two historical non-fiction books and shares the books that changed her

The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki  

Accidental Empress cover

The Accidental Empress takes you on a journey back to 1853, where the Habsburgs are Europe’s most powerful ruling family. Emperor Franz Joseph is young, rich and has an empire stretching across Europe. However, this is not a story about his military missions but rather missions of the heart.

When fifteen-year-old Elisabeth “Sisi”, Duchess of Bavaria travels to the Habsburg Court, she is there to assist her older sister who is due to marry Franz. After spending more time around the young Emperor, it is Sisi who has won his heart. Going back on his earlier proposal, Franz declares his love for Sisi and the two are soon married.

The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander series

The eight-book Outlander series is the perfect mix of historical, romance and fantasy fiction. Think  eighteenth century Downton Abbey meets Doctor Who!

Claire, a nurse in the Second World War, accidentally travels back in time and ends up trying to change the course of history. On her action-packed journey she meets Jamie, a man who has faced unbelievable challenges to protect his family.

Diana Gabaldon transports readers to the Culloden Battle of  1746. Amongst the chaos and brutality of war, Gabaldon also paints a heartwarming picture of love as feelings between Claire and Jamie deepen.

Kingsbridge trilogy by Ken Follett

Ken Follet's Kingbridge trilogy

Set in the city of Kingsbridge, Follett brings his rich historical expertise to this immersive saga—full of captivating characters as they navigate their way through ambition, love and conflict.

The first story centres on the struggles of Prior Phillip and his mason-turned-architect Tom as they attempt to build the greatest gothic cathedral in the medieval world. The characters that Follett weaves are what makes this series so epic. Readers meet villains and heroes, each with their own complex strengths and weaknesses. 

You may want to cancel your plans for the day as you read this page-turning series that is absorbing from start to finish.

Heart for a Compass book cover

Sarah Ferguson's debut novel, Her Heart for a Compass, is published by Mills & Boon in hardback, eBook and audiobook

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