Rosemary Conley: Books that changed my life

Caroline Hutton 30 November -0001

Since her best-selling Hip and Thigh Diet in 1988, Rosemary Conley has written 37 diet and fitness books, and presented fitness DVDs with sales of over nine million. These are the books that shaped her. 

Power for Living

Power for Living

In 1986, I was lying in hospital with gallstones. Things hadn’t been going well in my business or personal life, and I was feeling useless and lost. I saw an ad for this book
and sent away for it.

I’m so glad I did because it truly changed everything. It spoke about Christianity in a way I understood, as though it was written just for me.

I proposed to my boyfriend (we’ve now been married nearly 30 years), my career took off again and I’ve never looked back. 


Born to Run

By Michael Morpurgo

Born to Run

My daughter Dawn gave this wonderful book to me partly because the dog on the cover looks identical to my beloved lurcher. I found Waise (Austrian for “orphan”) running around dodging traffic in the street, with no identification.

We don’t know her past, but we’ve had her for nine years now and she’s extraordinary; I adore her.

The measure of success for any film or book is how much it makes me cry. Born to Run had me in floods of tears and, like Waise, it has a very special place in my heart. 


The Wisdom House

by Rob Parsons

The Wisdom House

Written like a letter to his grandchildren, this book is full of Parsons’ unique wisdom, sharing what he’s learned to be important in life.

What spoke to me was the thought that, instead of pinning our happiness on things getting better in the future, we should measure our happiness from day to day.

If you’ve had even one small moment that made you feel happy, you should celebrate that feeling right away and feel blessed.


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