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Lynda La Plante’s Tennison: the Queen of Crime's prequel to Prime Suspect


1st Jan 2015 Meet the Author

Lynda La Plante’s Tennison: the Queen of Crime's prequel to Prime Suspect

Lynda La Plante’s new book, Tennison, is out. The bestselling author and Queen of Crime, has launched the first in her new series of novels, featuring her most infamous character—Jane Tennison.

London, 1973. WPC Jane Tennison is 22-years old, fresh out of Hendon Police College and placed on probationary service in Hackney.

As the novel is set in 1970s London, Lynda La Plante got to explore a time that was a joy for her: "It's set in 1973, so no DNA, no mobile phone. It's been a wonderful experience to go back in time, not only to write the young 22 girl, but the music, the rock and roll of the time, it was a great period to be in, so it's been very very enjoyable to do."

Lynda La Plante takes us back to 1973

"It's been really enjoyable to be writing Jane Tennison at the age of 22 because she's out of training school ," Lynda La Plante explains "And when you've done your probationary training and you're ready to go into a proper station, you have no choice, you don't where you're going to go."

Organised crime is rife on the streets in her novel. While the Krays and Richardsons are languishing behind bars a new undercurrent of violent crime and terrorism lies in their wake. It’s a rough and tough environment. And that’s just the police station.

Determined to prove herself, Jane is drawn into her first murder case, the killing of a young girl who has been savagely beaten. Operating in a male-dominated, chauvinistic world, and learning to deal with the brutality she sees, Jane is in at the deep end.


Lynda La Plante introduces WPC Jane Tennison

In this crucial investigation we discover what gave her the grit, the determination and the mind-set that made her DCI Tennison.

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