Introducing Valentin Luboya, a Congolese-American author of The Wealth 2021.

With pandemic disrupting every global sector and inflicting damages of unthinkable extents, the unpredictability of life is as evident as the virus itself.

Expectedly, the execution of lockdown and social isolation intensified the dreaded fear of financial instability. The wealth the people had gathered over the lifetime was put into treatments, leaving them with nothing but sorrows. Surrounded by uncertainty and living with a lingering fear of death, the pandemic changed the way we perceive life and wealth.

Living in times when businesses are faced with closures and incredible losses, success is nothing but a far-off target. The deepening uncertainty, the mushrooming business hurdles, and the rapidly spreading virus led to one outcome—instability of wealth. In times like these, when financial stability is far from being a reality, the commitment to pushing through the bottlenecks is what results in the materialization of financial ambitions.

Valentin Luboya is one such individual who decided not to quit even when his realities didn’t favor him. Instead, he converted his insights, experiences and stories into a novel named “The Wealth 2021.” It all started when he immigrated to the United States in 1980 to become a commercial pilot, but fate had other plans, and he ended up being the realtor. In between that shift from commercial flying to the realtor, he got to experience every industry.

Valentin Group Media

Real-estate investment and wealth planning are not the only expertise of Valentin Luboya. He excels in guiding people to acquire and retain financial autonomy. His drive to equip people with the right approach for financial independence led to the establishment of an internet marketing business in the early 2000s. Knowing the right tools and having comprehensive knowledge about wealth management and financial stability, he built an efficient and all-in-one platform. The platform provides aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to find relevant resources and guidance regarding financial autonomy. The core purpose of this internet marketing platform is to enable the target audience and visitors to establish strong foundations for finance and wealth management systems. With pandemic or without, Valentin Group Media provides solutions for complete financial freedom.

Living a life filled with life-changing opportunities and perspective-altering difficulties, Valentin decided to pen everything down as a guiding book. His bestselling book offers strategies, insights, and life advice that are proven to get you the required financial liberty. Recognizing the need for financial guidance, Valentin composed this novella to help the people who are going through financial challenges during the pandemic.

Integrating this skill in this internet marketing platform, he decided to help people build and succeed in business through book writing. The Valentin Group Media offer exclusive book writing services to help you make your own online empire. The platform lets you benefit from the golden opportunity of writing the NY bestseller to improve your business reach and media exposure. A well-written book is a reputation-builder, and VGM makes sure it gets you the recognition you desire.

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