His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou – His story of success

His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou lives and writes from the United Kingdom and is the author of several books on finance and fiction.

Sir Patrick is known for his extraordinary skills to settle and negotiate peace settlements and international law and is a prodigious legal and political adviser. His diverse writing ability has been influenced by many experiences, making him the success he is today.

Sir Patrick distinguished contributions in both professional & philanthropy have earned him international recognition, highlighting him as someone who is not only a capable academic and intellectual, but also equally admired for his humanitarian acts.

He is a member of the Wells Fargo Millionaire Club and Champion Circle. Both of them measure their members by standards of extraordinary brilliance. He has also been presented with a variety of internationally known awards including the Wells Fargo “Valley of the Stars” award, which he has won multiple times. Sir Patrick was awarded the Wells Fargo “Circle of Stars” also.

Holding his position as Redemption Judge for The International Court of Justice (ICJ-ICC) since 2018, His Excellency is known for his integrity and is highly respected by other judges.

The International Court of Justice ICJ-ICC acts as the primary judicial organ for the UN with a highly specific court consisting of only 15 expertly selected judges. All of the judges are selected to serve for nine consecutive years. Sir Patrick was appointed to this position to serve not only as a judge but also as a member of the respected panel of professional arbitrators of the international centre. Their responsibility is to observe the settlement of investment disputes.

After three years of excellent service, Sir Patrick was observed for his dedication and hard work and was promoted to the position of Senior Redemption Judge in 2021 and given full responsibility for Historical Assets, Funds, Bonds, Bank Securities and recovery of governmental assets.

On the other hand, being a Senior Redemption Judge for the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court, he is highly respected by thousands of people around the world. His Excellency is also UN Ambassador for World Peace, Fund Manager, Published Author, and a dynamic Investment Banker.

He is a hands-on approach in the process of stabilizing global banking systems and alleviating financial pressure that third world country’s citizens experience regularly. The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club (CEC), works closely with decision-makers in countries around the world that require investments, infrastructure development, opportunities, and business growth for both small and large enterprises.

Being the President of International Banking and Relations of CEC, Sir Patrick strives to build a viable private sector in developing nations to alleviate poverty and uplift their citizens. He provides expert mentoring and guidance to these countries’ federations, chambers of commerce, NGOs, IGOs multinationals, and financial institutions.

His philanthropic spirit cannot be defined in just words as his intentions are to develop the world for a better future, which is remarkable.

He has written many books and articles over the libеrаtiоn of all реорlе, highlighting the issues of the ones who have not been enlightened by the literary world of creative writing. Sir Patrick's expedition into content writing has made him a remarkably inspired and enthusiastic author and professional communicator.

Sir Patrick has written and published over 20 non-fictional and fictional books spreading through different genres and intending to do so for the rest of his writing career, he has said that "I have realized the need to make it easier for my readers to find my books".

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