Don’t Let the Details Stop You from Sharing Your Story

When you’re a writer, finishing your book and publishing it is your biggest dream. You’re curious as to how people will react to it, and whether it could sell or not. However, sometimes it’s hard hitting that post button, because things are holding you back.

There are either things you want to change about it, or fear about people’s reaction.

Still, you shouldn’t let these things stop you from going after your dream. Below are some of the most common fears that new writers face, and how to beat them.

  1. Originality

For many new writers, originality is an issue. Considering there are so many writers out there, it’s hard to know if someone thought of an idea before you did. Therefore, you’re at risk of being accused of ripping off someone’s work, and it’s not really pleasant being seen as a thief. 

The thing is that it’s hard to come out with something that’s entirely original as well. Throughout the whole story, there will be many elements that other authors have already thought of. As long as you put the idea into practice in a different way, it shouldn’t be an issue.

As long as you are able to cover a topic deeply, as well as provide a new and unique perspective, that should work. Furthermore, alot of readers are digesting books for pure information gain or entertainment, not to check for originality.

  1. People’s Opinion

It’s hard not to think about what people will think about your book, as they are the ones who have the final word. One of the biggest fear many writers deal with is how their book will be perceived by readers, and it's human nature to think about the bad stuff first.

Not only you’re afraid you won’t get Instagram followers that are fans of the book, but you also fear the book won’t sell. However, there will always be people disagreeing with you or not liking what you do, so why let this thought kill your mood? A book’s goal is to reframe old information or make new claims, so what people say shouldn’t stop you.

  1. No Time to Write

People get busy, it’s normal. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. You most likely have some spare time that you use doing something else, and you can take that time and use it to write instead.

Nobody says that you have to write endless pages in a day – writing a book is a whole process, and nobody is rushing you. Make sure you schedule your time, so you have time to write at least one hour daily.

        4. Growing your fan base

You want fans to connect with you and it can be disheartening when things like your social following grows slowly. Try using tools such as the best tools for Instagram as a means to get followers.  


Writing a book is not easy, but it’s not the most difficult thing in the World either. Everyone has fears, that’s human nature. However, that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you enjoy. 

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