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The Misper: Bea Davenport

BY Sam Howard

19th Aug 2019 Book Reviews

The Misper, the latest offering from bestselling crime and children’s
author Bea Davenport, isn’t just a gripping crime story but a timely
reminder of how friendships can shape our lives and how we should
be more considerate to others or face the consequences.


Unfortunately, Anna finds this out the hard way. Moving to a new area to live with her mum after her parent’s divorce Anna understandably wants some company. She thinks she’s found the coolest friend in Zoe – a gorgeous goth who’s smart and fun too.

They’re having so much fun just the two of them, but geeky Kerry just won’t leave them alone no matter how hard they try to discourage her.

When Kerry goes missing Anna suddenly realises just how mean they
have been but is it too late……

You can order this thrilling novel in an e-book or hard copy from The Conrad Press or Amazon.

Bea Davenport is the writing name of journalist Barbara Henderson. A print, TV and radio journalist for many years. Her adult crime/suspense novels, In Too Deep and This Little Piggy are published in paperback by Legend Press.
Her first children's novel, The Serpent House, is published by Curious Fox. Her second children's novel, My Cousin Faustina, is published by Readzone.

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