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Soul Mate Sh*t by Melissa Yvonne

A  few excerpts from the book Soul Mate Sh*t by Melissa Yvonne

Soul Mate Sh*t by bestselling spiritual author Melissa Yvonne is a unique yet universal story about the challenges that relationships can present and the vital importance of communication in finding – and keeping – your soulmate. As Gwyneth Rees relates, this is an unforgettable, moving, and inspirational read.

By Gwyneth Rees

soul mate sht landscape

Just how far would you go to discover your soulmate?

For bestselling spiritual author Melissa Yvonne, the answer is not only to another continent but also to another century, as her incredible memoir in fictionalised form, Soul Mate Sh*t, reveals.

A gripping testimony on the supreme power of true love, this Amazon bestseller is very much the definition of ‘unique’, blending a frank account of marital difficulties and infidelity with a compelling story of past-life regression.

Split into two narratives, one set in present-day Vermont, New England (the author’s home) and the other in 12th-century Cambria (what is now Wales), it maintains a unified thematic core in the pursuit, maintenance, and celebration of love – even if that requires significant hurdles to overcome, painful introspection, and lots of hard work.

The framing narrative concerns the author’s growing disillusionment with her marriage to ‘Chase’, which after more than a decade has clearly become somewhat worn-in and stale, with more basic civilities and cursory exchanges than passionate sweet nothings.

This has in no way been helped by the demands of his job, which keeps him apart from Melissa for days at a time, leaving her, understandably, lonely.

Enter ‘Brayden’, a colleague of Chase’s at the local fire service and an acquaintance of Melissa who, recognising the drift between the couple, begins a seduction which leads to an affair.

It is from this entry point that the second narrative kicks in. Chase is aware that Melissa and Brayden are heading into a relationship but recognises too late that his behaviour has contributed to the situation.

Melissa, confused and needing space, chooses to leave. Staying at a friend’s house, she has a dream like no other. As she writes,

When I finally fell asleep, I found myself experiencing the life of someone else, somewhere else.

Lush colors of the forest came into focus, I saw a young woman with long, dark hair and eyes that matched the foliage of the ferns. She felt melancholy to me, but not with sorrow as much as loneliness. Wandering amongst the trees, her arms swung by her sides, grazing the leaves as she walked. The imagery became clearer, and I realized that my perception of what was unfolding in front of me was somehow also playing out inside me.

Soul mate sht cover

Soul Mate Sh*t by Melissa Yvonne is a gripping testimony on the supreme power of true love.

This dream woman is named ‘Abigail’, a Medieval Welsh princess, and Melissa follows her story as if it were her own, recalling her memories, witnessing events through her eyes, and sensing the same emotions as she feels.

It is, in some ways, a tragic story for while Abigail is loved by Hayes, the captain of the guard and a constant pillar of support in difficult moments, this love is never communicated to her during her lifetime.

Instead, her heart is given to a blacksmith, Alexander. Hayes watches this relationship bloom but, ever dutiful, he remains respectful and silent, especially given the scandal that would ensue should such a liaison between the classes be exposed.

Melissa seeks the advice of an intuitive, and it is explained that this could be more than a dream; that it could, in fact, be a case of past-life regression.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, past-life regression is where an individual essentially steps into the shoes of a previous incarnation.

With a keen interest in spiritual matters, Melissa listens eagerly to the intuitive’s pronouncement that this dream has revealed to her one of many incarnations and, more importantly, the notion of the ‘soul circle’, where the same souls congregate together across lifetimes to care and nurture each other.

The medium believes the dream is a message to encourage Melissa to pursue a new life with Brayden, whom she believes to be her literal soulmate – but is that really the case?

Instead, could it be Chase – the reincarnation of Hayes – rather than Brayden, the reincarnation of Alexander, who is really the ‘one’ across the ages?

Perhaps so, because as the separation extends, with Melissa now living out of her car, it is clear that Chase is hurting badly, concerned with her safety and wellbeing, just as she has come to understand that Hayes carried a profound sense of longing for Abigail to his dying day.

Moreover, Chase isn’t ready to give up on the marriage, displaying a fortitude and commitment that impresses Melissa in a greater way than the fiery romance and excitement that Brayden offers.

That doesn’t mean that Brayden is an imposter, but instead another member of her soul circle whose real purpose is not to supplant Chase but, instead, and as paradoxical as it may sound upon the surface, bring them back together, stronger than ever before.

Melissa yvonne 1

Bestselling spiritual author Melissa Yvonne, pictured here with her beloved pet dog Islay, says that she wrote “from the wound, not the scar” for her debut book, Soul Mate Sh*t, and this emotional rawness and unflinching honesty makes for a deeply moving and impactful read.

Whether you subscribe to the literal truth of past-life regression or prefer to think of this other existence as a projection from inner turmoil doesn’t really matter.

Either way, this other lifetime is the mirror in which Melissa is able to gaze, reflect and decide her path.

I’ve never read a book quite like Soul Mate Sh*t before. It marks author Melissa Yvonne’s literary debut and is an amazing achievement.

It is a fictionalised account based on a true story, and names have been changed throughout, but all of it comes from the author’s heart.

Drawing upon journals she kept during her relationship difficulties, Melissa conveys events – which take place across a four-month period – with an emotive rawness that astounds.

Her trauma is palpable throughout; the sense of being torn between two sides rendered so frankly and affectively.

It is, in fact, so clearly conveyed that you don’t need to be psychic to get right inside her mind and heart at a point of supreme vulnerability and confusion.

As well as being profoundly moved by her story, I found the story of past-life regression, and of soul lives, fascinating.

We don’t, of course, know what happens to us after we die but Melissa’s testimony makes for compelling reading.

While Soul Mate Sh*t will clearly appeal to those interested in mysticism and spirituality, the wider narrative will engage with all readers simply because of its unflinching honesty – as she so aptly puts it, written “from the wound, not the scar”.

Many marriages face difficulties, yet these are rarely discussed in the open. Melissa’s sheer bravery in broaching them, therefore, is to be applauded.

She reminds us that even when a marriage is viewed as ‘perfect’ from the outside, it is not unusual for a couple to be facing problems and, equally importantly, that this is OK.

Throughout her journey, she learns many important life lessons. The most important one is that any relationship takes constant work, attention, and communication to thrive.

Many of these come from her experiences in the body of Abigail, and the way that she has weaved these chapters into the book is perfectly judged, providing a window on a vivid, richly described ancient world while also speaking loudly about this one.

A superb, poignant, and candid story from one of the best emerging authors of 2022, Soul Mate Sh*t is, like the human spirit, charged with vital force.

Soul Mate Sh*t by Melissa Yvonne (Onion River Press) is available on Amazon priced £13.99 in paperback, £3.20 as an eBook and £7.99 as an audiobook. For more information, visit the author’s website, www.melissayvonne.com or follow her on Instagram.


We speak to Soul Mate Sh*t author Melissa Yvonne to find out more about past-life regression and soul circles, and how her experiences helped save her marriage.

Melissa Y 2

Q: What would you say to someone who has never experienced past-life regression but is perhaps sceptical?

A. The hypnotic state abandons the mind and propels you to exist only in the heart, examining if the negative emotions or experiences you are holding onto are serving you. Letting go creates more space for beauty and love to flourish.

Q: How would you describe your experiencing Abigail’s life, both in how you experienced it and how it impacted you?

A. Emotionally, I could feel how stunted she was from a lack of maternal love. I related to her drive to find meaning in life beyond wealth and power. Physically I experienced mimicked symptoms both in elation and in illness. Abi’s life gave me hope change is possible for me, too.

Q: What lessons did you learn from the past-life regression work?

A. How to experience love at the expansive depth my soul needed to learn was possible. We bring lessons forward from each life and certain soul mates play a role in what you to learn. Brayden was my activator to experiencing true love with Chase.

Q: Do you think you could have learned this lesson any other way?

A. Impossible to know, but I believe regression helped me to reconnect to a truer version of myself, seeing aspects of my past, present and future lives from a place of courage.

Q: Can anyone have the same vivid, meaningful experiences as you have, or will only certain people respond in the same way to past-life regression therapy?

A. If you commit to living open-hearted and fearless, you will have a meaningful experience. It won’t always be vivid, but you can find a new path forward if you face the false beliefs not serving your highest self.

Melissa Y 3

Bestselling spiritual author Melissa Yvonne says that she hopes her book, Soul Mate Sh*t, Courage, gives readers “courage, to live your authentic life”.

Q: Based on what you have learned through your past-life regression therapy, how would you explain the concept of ‘soul mate’ and ‘soul circle’ in simple language?

A. A soul circle is a network of beings present each time we live a life; individually serving a different purpose to enhance your personal growth. Some lives you partner with your soulmate in the singular sense, an eternal and ultimate connection. Other times you partner with a soul mate: a connected being in your soul circle without the singular relational intensity.

Q: Do you only have only one former life, or many?

A. I have learned I have had 100 prior lives, but I have only experienced five of them through my regression work.

Q: Your experiences with the affair and breakdown of your relationship were obviously traumatic, so how did you feel having to revisit these for your book?

A. It was a debilitating time, recounting the story through many drafts ultimately led me to heal. Regression work gave me the framework to focus on my dream of publishing a book and not the trauma of the experience. 

Q: What do you hope readers will gain most from reading your book?

A. Courage, to live your authentic life. Have raw and honest communication with those in your soul circle.  

Q: What can you tell us about the next book you are working on?

A short story series building on existing characters with the addition of new storylines. Many fans have asked what happens after book one with Brayden and Chase – you’ll get that, too.

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