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Review: A Fairytale for Christmas by Chrissie Manby

BY James Walton

9th Sep 2017 Book Reviews

Review: A Fairytale for Christmas by Chrissie Manby

James Walton is back to review another book that's perfect for curling up beside the Christmas tree with. Just add a steaming mug of hot chocolate for perfect winter escapism…

A Fairy Tale for Christmas by Chrissie Manby

In chapter one of Chrissie Manby’s latest novel we meet 32-year-old Kirsty, who’s trying hard not to notice that her fab new boyfriend is a bit arrogant and doesn’t always make her feel good about herself.

Chapter two then cuts to Ben Teesdale, hunky widower and all-round decent guy of about the same age living nearby with his eight-year-old daughter. (Oh yes, and he’s a fantastic dad too.) 



"A big, warm-hearted read"



By this stage, then, experienced chick-lit readers might already think they can hazard a guess as to where the main story is heading. But they certainly won’t be able to predict how ingeniously Manby gets there. Or how many entertaining subplots she manages to throw in along the way, thanks to a large and varied cast. 

By the end, in fact, almost every classic chick-lit ingredient has been stirred into the mix. Yet the result never feels mechanical.

Instead, it’s a big, warm-hearted read, with an infectious fondness for the characters and plenty of good jokes.


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