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Fashion reads to pack for a summer holiday

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Fashion reads to pack for a summer holiday
Jetting away on a summer adventure can throw up a lot of conundrums, worst of all, what holiday read you’re going to take with you. Pick badly and you’ll be bored, pick TOO well and you’ll have run out of pages before you’ve even landed. Here are five our of our favourite fashion recommendations, perfect to dip in and out of.

Inside Vogue

by Alexandra Shulman

Having just left her position as editor of British Vogue after 25 years, there’s never been a better time to read Alexandra’s Shulman’s account of the style bible’s centenary year. Told with startling honesty, her dedication to her job bleeds through the pages, highlighting just how much consideration goes into every decision that fills its glossy pages.
From behind-the-scenes gossip from shoots due to the exciting build-up for the centenary cover reveal, Inside Vogue is a fashion lover's dream read, whether you’re involved in the media or simply a serial shopper.
Best of all, it’s diary structure allows it to be consumed at leisure, ideal for a beach or lazy afternoon read.

Jo Malone: My Story

by Jo Malone

Anybody who likes their perfumes will be well acquainted with the delicious scents and classic packaging of Jo Malone, but you may not know very much about the woman herself.
Born of modest beginnings and struggling with dyslexia throughout her life, Malone's rise to success makes for a hugely inspiring tale, touched with extra poignancy as she details her breast cancer diagnosis aged just 37.
It is this level of emotional availability that puts Malone’s autobiography head and shoulders above the normal "rags to riches" tomes. Now in her 50s and experiencing huge popularity with her new brand Jo Loves, it’s clear that it is only part of her story—catch up now and by the time you return from your trip, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to tackle your next big project.

Pretty Iconic

by Sally Hughes

Hugely acclaimed by bloggers and wider fashion press alike, journalist Sally Hughes' book debut, Pretty Honest, was something of a beauty bible, demystifying industry terms and breaking down makeup application into something everyone could achieve.
Rather than rehashing what Pretty Honest did so well, Pretty Iconic is something of a trip down memory lane, looking back through history to examine the most legendary beauty products of the ages. From Chanel No 5 right through to the simple scent of Johnson’s Baby Lotion, it’s the perfect shopping list for that duty-free trip.

The New Garconne: How to Be a Modern Gentlewoman

by Navaz Batliwalla

Tired of floaty frocks and prissy prints? Enter the new generation of Gentlewomen. Exploring the trend for gender neutrality and androgyny in fashion, Navaz Batliwalla’s book is an inspiring collection of stylish muses, curated imagery and tips for achieving a carefree, modern sense of style.
From Audrey Hepburn to Tilda Swinton, you’ll be surprised just how many fashionable women through history have pushed the boundaries of traditional "feminine" dress. At just 160 pages, it’s best suited to a short flight or weekend away read, but rest assured it’s glorious pictures will keep you amused for hours.

Get a Life: The Diaries of Vivienne Westwood

by Vivienne Westwood

Designer, activist and punk icon; Vivienne Westwood needs no introduction. Having made her foray into book writing with 2014’s self-titled life story, Get A Life: The Diaries is just as long at 481 pages, but altogether more informal experience.
Having begun its life as a blog, it covers topics large and small in Vivien’s inimitable voice, with exploits ranging from visits to celebrity pals across the globe to personal musings on art, politics and the environment. Perfect for those already a fan of her work, it’s a wonderful compendium of thought—enough to inspire a blog of your own travels…

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