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Experience the intricacies of storytelling with Sage Marrow, a young adult fiction novelist

Experience the intricacies of storytelling with Sage Marrow, a young adult fiction novelist
If you are a fantasy novel lover, you are blessed with an intellectual imagination that blends reality with fantasy.
When paired with a skilled author's narrative, a reader’s imagination allows them to delve into a story that carries them through subsequent events. Such stories win critical acclaim because they substantially impact the readers’ minds. A few writers leverage their skill and creativity to use words to create an inspiring, engaging story for their readers. Sage Marrow is one such author who has mastered her craft of telling intriguing fiction stories with excellence while creating real-life characters for readers to immerse in a journey alongside with. 
Marrow has had a strong imagination since she was a child. During the early years, she used to develop her own fantasy worlds as she explored the woods near her house (where she may or may not have occasionally become lost). These days, one can usually find her racing up a mountain trail or consuming a massive stack of books if she's not stuck to her desk typing furiously. Like her imagination, her stories have that particular finesse that grabs her readers' attention immediately and allows them to truly experience the essence of the fantasy genre.

Vivid, immaculate, & stirring

Marrow has a strong skillset of storytelling, masterfully creating a fulfilling adventure experience for her readers with each book. Her work has won critical acclaim and has been described as "vivid," "immaculate," and "stirring." Readers relate to how Marrow's characters interact with their world.

Exciting publications by Sage Marrow

Marrow's authentic characters, unique worldbuilding, and absorbing plots helped her gain the attention of her global readers. She wrote her first novel, The Dark Within Us, at 14. Since then, she has published the entire The Calladon Chronicles, an exciting, inventive series praised as a sweeping, fulfilling experience. She has also published The Sevenwars Trilogy, where fairy tales are reinvented into a gritty, compelling tale that interweaves the struggles of well-loved characters. Her newest publication, Dreamweaver, is a standalone novel that explores what it means to love yourself because of your imperfections.

The Calladon Chronicles

This remarkable series comprises four books: 'The Dark Within Us,' 'Weaving Threads of Feelings,' 'Decaying Souls and Mind-Songs,' and 'We Are Light And Glory.' 
  • The Dark Within Us: Kal's life turns upside down when the monsters in her mother’s impossible tales turn out to be real and her best friend reveals that he isn't who he claimed to be. What’s more, he needs her help. This novel has been lauded as a fresh reinvention of fantasy that questions the strength of the human soul.
  • Weaving Threads of Feelings: readers return to the remarkable setting that first ensnared their imagination. Kal must learn that human frailty is her most significant strength as she tests her limitations and must let go of what she cherishes most.
  • Decaying Souls and Mind-Songs: readers delve headlong into a seemingly hopeless situation. Full of heart and wit, with a compelling plot that tests the limits of the characters, most especially Kal, this is a book you won't want to put down before reading cover to cover.
  • We are Light and Glory: Kal and her friends make a final stand against the Dark that holds a fractured world on the edge of oblivion. The cost for victory is unthinkable, and readers praise the culmination of this magnificent series.

The Sevenwars Trilogy 

The Sevenwars Trilogy comprises three books: The Mistaken Prince, The Lost Souls, and The Cursed Kingdom. They are a compilation of fairytale retellings interwoven together into a masterpiece of storytelling.
  • The Mistaken Prince: When Emera is framed for killing the young princess, she must try to save not only her own life, but the cursed prince trapped within a frog’s body. And the villain, wearing the prince’s own body, will not let her get away easily.
  • The Lost Souls: When Wenny is abducted, she soon learns that there is more at stake than just her freedom - the fate of kingdoms is at risk. The lives of heroes intertwine in an effort to combat the curses that would see each and every kingdom fall, one by one.
  • The Cursed Kingdom: Cahri is imprisoned by a curse that prevents her from undoing the damage that her sister has caused. With the help of her friends, she must make a stand to stop her sister once and for all, or they will all face dire consequences.


Dreamweaver is a fantastically entertaining novel that revolves around Enea, a young woman who can extract the essence of dreams from anyone. She also deals with the effects of a physical abnormality she has had since birth. She is forced to face her worst nightmares when she is pulled into a scheme that will forever change her future.
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