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Dream and achieve: Discover and express your passion in your lifetime


5th Jan 2022 Book Reviews

Dream and achieve: Discover and express your passion in your lifetime

‘Dream Driver’ Kola Olutimehin has a goal: to get people to achieve their ambitions. His inspirational self-help guide, Dream and Achieve, sets out the essential steps to securing this, conveyed in a refreshingly clear and no-nonsense way.

By Timothy Arden


It’s another new year and, no doubt, you have one or more life-related resolutions that you have made to yourself.

However, what about the biggest resolution of them all: committing to pursue that long-held ambition that’s been screaming for the chance to become reality.

Whether we are young or old, we all have a dream that we would love to come true. The issue is that most of us have no idea where to begin to turn a great idea into fact, or that we choose to abandon our dream when the going gets tough.

If this is you then self-help guide Dream and Achieve: Discover and Express Your Passion in Your Lifetime by Kola Olutimehin should be at the top of your 2022 reading list.

As refreshingly honest as deeply informative, it provides the essential guidance anyone needs to define, refine, and construct their dream, and transform their life in the process.

Kola, who fittingly describes himself as a “Dream Driver”, has helped thousands of people achieve through his coaching and public speaking, and he has distilled all his wisdom and tried-and-tested methods into this book.

Firstly, we must define what we mean by a ‘dream’. On this point, Kola states that …

A dream is a glimpse of destiny, which provides magnificence, nobility and dignity. Dreaming is a God-given ability, which must be developed and nurtured with sensitivity.

In other words, it’s that long-cherished vision of what you want to make your legacy, your contribution, to the world. That doesn’t mean that this dream, whatever it may be, is already fully formed in your mind. It may be fuzzy and indistinct; it may just be a gut feeling that you were born to attain something you don’t currently possess.


Dubbed ‘getKOLA’, author Kola Olutimehin has written self-help guide Dream and Achieve to provide people from all walks of life with the mental tools necessary to realise their dreams.

The first part of Kola’s book helps in this regard, stimulating critical thought and self-reflection to guide you towards that dream. The dream itself could be with any goal in mind. For instance, you may desire to launch a new business or community venture, to pen a novel or to invent the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Wherever your path lies, it is essential to prepare for the journey before doing anything else as, and Kola is absolutely clear on this, realising a dream is no doddle. Before you reach the destination there will be numerous potholes on the road, numerous hurdles to jump, and many miles to go.

That’s not to mention those around you who may take a cynical view, advocating that you dismiss your dream. Sometimes they may be right, but you’ll only know for sure if you’ve first taken the time and effort to fully consider the project.

Dream and Achieve was written with this firmly in mind, seeking to equip us with the skills and know-how to help us achieve worthy goals and not give up.

Broad in scope, easy to understand and incredibly practical, the book is for anyone who wants to make the most of their time in this world.  

It covers many topics, from how to deal with failure (and, again, Kola is clear that there will be failures along the way) and how to lift up others along your journey to cultivating daily practices to maintain your focus and motivation from beginning to end.

Early on, we are introduced to the author’s own Empowered Thought Pillars (ETPs) model, which comprises four key pillars of consideration necessary for success: fair conduct, giving back to a community, having a heart of kindness, and providing a beneficial service. 

It is no good having a purely selfish goal, says Kola. There must be wider, positive implications and every action must be conducted honestly, fairly, and with the best intent.

Once you are certain that you are acting out of the right intentions, you need to instil a ‘can-do’ attitude that will build the mental resilience required, and which all the greater achievers have in common.


Dream and Achieve: Discover and Express Your Passion in Your Lifetime by Kola Olutimehin is a frank and comprehensive guide to success based on the many life lessons and insights of Dream Driver Kola Olutimehin.

As Kola states, too often our dreams are beaten out of us early on in life. Once we are all grown up, we often trick ourselves into inaction through fear, conjuring up excuses such as that we’re too old or that we simply don’t have enough time to invest.

It takes courage to reignite a dream, and bravery to keep that fire lit. It also takes a willingness to take the lead in the achievement of your dream.

A dream is a direction and not a destination. Practical dreamers never sit around waiting for opportunity – they go in search of opportunity or create it.

There are other dangers to be wary of, and Kola takes us through each one so we can be on our guard, such as short-term thinking, fatigue, narrow-mindedness and fear of ridicule.

What I love in this section of the book is how Kola, who has built his own business empire with blood, sweat and tears, debunks the common myths people associate with becoming a success, such as the need to make decisions with fully detailed plans. 

This is a nonsense from Kola’s point of view. Far better, he says, to take time to consider what you truly want, and why you want it.

He therefore urges readers, when faced with a decision, to consider the four ‘ds’. These are Desire—questioning what you truly want and why you want it; acting on your Decision, which is an active step; Determination, chiefly having the staying power not to backtrack; and Discipline, which means you must continue to act upon your decision to help make your dreams a reality. 

Throughout the book you will find the stories and insights of achievers such as inventor Henry Ford and the Wright brothers, the inventors of the airplane, to provide inspiration.

Kola, dubbed “getKOLA” by his international speaking audiences, also shares his own course along the path of success, both the victories and defeats, to provide concrete examples of how his guidance has assisted him, such as the importance of affirmations and visualisations of his goals. For instance, Kola confides how he says this to himself each day:

I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life; therefore, I demand of myself persistent continuous action towards its attainment. 

He also writes how he constantly works on the personal conviction of his dreams, so that all obstacles and opposition become his stepping stones and inspiration to keep going.

To me, these personal, confessional sections of the book are the most inspiring and refreshing because Kola is showing us how he leads by example. 

He also explores his own experiences of masterminding, working with others—be them business associates or siblings—to achieve positive outcomes. 

Again, stressing that so much relies on personal conviction, he urges us to get enthusiastic and excited about our dreams, and to see failures as new opportunities to learn. Then they will become “unstoppable”.

In conclusion, author Kola Olutimehin has captured the essence of success and set it down in print, and Dream and Achieve is the one book you need to find your life’s purpose, and achieve it.

Dream and Achieve: Discover and Express Your Passion in Your Lifetime by Kola Olutimehin (MakeWay Publishing) is out now in paperback, eBook and audiobook priced at £7.50, £3.60 and £3.60 respectively. It is available from www.getkola.com, Amazon or www.makewaybooks.com.


Why do people often walk away from their dreams, or fail to achieve them? What can we do to maximise the chances of our dreams becoming reality, and what can the experiences of others teach us? We speak to Dream and Achieve author Kola Olutimehin to find out.


Q. What first inspired you to become an author?

A. My first inspiration came from the association I had begun to keep with likeminded people that I worked together with in terms of personal development. I was inspired by some of our teachers in the United States, like Robert G Allen, a bestselling author with a number of his books. I felt a stronger conviction thereafter, when I began to teach some of the things that I had learnt. 

Q. Why do people often give up on their dreams?

A. People sometimes feel it is a straightforward march to results. However, do bear in mind that one is expected to derive results and there should be strong expectation towards this. Having said that, my view is also that we have some level of expectation that challenges may show up (not that we pray for them) along the way, so that it is not a shock which can derail one. In a sense, the lack of expectation towards challenges, which is meant to serve as a ‘shock-absorber’, is a key reason why people give up on their dreams

Q. What is the most important message you want to share with readers?

A. My most important message is literally in my book title: Dream and Achieve. This proposes that we all have the capacity to dream and work towards its achievement. Further, the subtitle which is also apt, states, “Discover and express your passion in your lifetime”.

Q. Your book is filled with inspirational quotes. Why are these little nuggets of wisdom so important to share?

A. It helps to validate the points that I try to make and provides a credible source of solidifying the teaching that I am imparting. I have found them to be a good teaching tool that helps readers to engage with the specific area of learning.

Q. What is the right way to view obstacles to achieving your dreams?

A. The right way to view obstacles is always to see them as temporary setbacks that can become stepping stones. That way, you will know that it will not last and can be overcome with persistence, a key ingredient of dream accomplishment. According to Napoleon Hill, “Every adversity comes with a seed of equivalent or greater benefit”.


CAPTION: Kola Olutimehin has faced many challenges during his life but has cultivated the mental discipline and resolve to overcome them and progress on the path to success.

Q. How has the guidance you provide in your book helped you in your own life?

A. It has served as a reminder for some of the things that I desire to pursue and achieve. It constantly prompts me to believe in my capabilities and take relevant action steps.

Q. You speak about the vital importance of having a vision to achieve your dream. Can you explain more?

A. Vision is a powerful mode that helps to build faith. A vision is a sense of imagination that mentally places one at the site of what is desired to be achieved; you see yourself in where you want to be. The more you imagine and see it with your mind’s eye, the better you build faith. Faith is the evidence of things that are hoped for, and it is a significant element that translates personal conviction to reality.

Q. It’s not uncommon to encounter people who will be negative about your dreams, and their own. How should you deal with people like this?

A. Firstly, you have a responsibility to protect your dream from naysayers. A dream is born drowning and you need to ensure that you have had a chance to get a personal conviction of its achievement before it is shared widely. And should you experience negativity with your dream, learn what is useful to you and treat the remainder with the attitude of ‘in one ear and out the other’.

A key point here is that you be selective of your topic of conversation with family and friends who are naysayers. The dreams were given to you and not those whom you may seek a justification from. And if people are negative about their own dreams then I will deal with them as a Dream Driver will do; that is, get them to work towards a personal conviction of desire.

Q. Your book shares your own set of guiding principles, the Empowered Thought Pillars (ETP). Can you explain how they will help us achieve our dreams?

A. The ETP provides a set of moral guidelines to dream accomplishment. Ordinarily, people can achieve their own dreams by stepping on other people’s toes and without a care for whose horse is gored. The ETPs guide against all these, such that the dream accomplishment being sought is given the chance of fairness, equity and a desire to lift others up.

Q. What’s next for you as an author?

A. Coaching others to dream accomplishment, based on what I already know; and beyond that, what I have experienced. My desire is not just to write, but to drive others to dream accomplishment in whatever practical ways by which it can be achieved.

Having said that, I have other books in the pipeline. Some of these include ‘The Making of an ICON’ series, where I have joined with some eminent personalities through contributions to their autobiographies. In these, at the end of each chapter of the book, I have extracted what can be learnt from their lives and set forth the principles that they are based on.

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