Book review: Meet Me in Manhattan by Claudia Carroll

James Walton

Christmas looms large in the new novel from one of Ireland’s best-selling novelists. 

Meet Me in Manhattan
Meet Me in Manhattan by Claudia Carroll

The heroine is Holly who, despite her festive name, has unhappy memories of what she calls “C-Day”—though we don’t find out why until the end.

Meanwhile, she tries to distract herself from the approach of the latest C-Day by doing a spot of internet dating with a hunky American pilot. 

Unfortunately, Holly then discovers that the airline he supposedly works for has no record of him—and in a quest to solve the mystery, flies to New York on December 23.

In the event, the solution doesn’t take long, but the trip does provide her with a real man (in every sense) to fall for. Not, of course, that everything goes smoothly from there…

Meet Me in Manhattan perhaps follows the usual template a little too closely, complete with Holly’s funny gay friend, the hero’s “crinkly-eyed smile” and lashings of dry white wine. Even so, it’s an undeniably appealing tale.