Beyond Body review: our honest take on this wellness book

Beyond Body review:  our honest take on this wellness book
Can you lose weight and keep it off without unpleasant diets? The Beyond Body wellness program brings personalization to your weight loss journey. Read this Beyond Body review to discover what’s inside the personalized book and how the assistant app works.


Beyond Body is a science-based fitness and nutrition program in the shape of the first personalized wellness book in the world. It promises to help you reach an ideal weight while improving your well-being with a healthy lifestyle.
The Beyond Body app helps you follow the program and track your progress. It goes beyond simple food ideas to provide meal plans, workouts, and lifestyle tips.


  • Personalized experience
  • Nutrition and fitness advice
  • Meal ideas and workouts
  • Mental health tips
  • Progress tracking
  • Grocery lists


  • Not ideal for vegans or pregnant women

What Is Beyond Body?

Beyond Body provides personalized meal plans, workouts, and lifestyle advice in physical and digital book formats. The program also includes an app that enables you to log foods, track macros, count calories, and follow a customized weekly workout plan.
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Who Is Beyond Body for?

The Beyond Body program is for anybody who wants to lose weight by establishing lifelong health and fitness routines. It’s not a quick fix, but it can help you drop pounds while enjoying long-lasting changes.
Studies show that most people who lose weight through weight loss programs end up putting it back on. By helping you develop a healthier lifestyle, Beyond Body encourages a total body transformation that you can maintain.

How Does Beyond Body Work?

Beyond Body provides meal ideas with recommendations based on your target weight.
Beyond limiting calories, it considers the macronutrients you need to look and feel great. You also get a workout plan with exercises to match all fitness levels.
After completing a short quiz, you can choose between the hardcover or eBook. You can also add the app for further assistance, like tracking calories, meals, and water intake.
A Beyond Body survey found that using the app alongside the book increased weight loss by 33%.
Beyond Body also allows you to consult with a nutritionist for a set fee. It tends to be more affordable than setting up an appointment with a local nutritionist.

How to Begin with Beyond Body?

The program starts with a quiz, including questions on body type, fitness level, health conditions, food preferences, and more. You must also enter your current and target weight.
Next, it creates a personalized meal plan and generates the Beyond Body book in both digital and physical formats. The book outlines your plan and compliments it with nutrition, fitness, and advice.
So, what exactly does this wellness book feature? Keep reading.

Beyond Body Book Content

The Beyond Body book provides comprehensive yet easy-to-digest information on food, exercise, and lifestyle.
The key component is the 28-day personalized meal plan. You get hundreds of food combinations that match your preferences.
You also get workout ideas with visual exercises so you can start immediately.
The book also offers mindfulness tips, like guided meditations that aid stress relief. Managing stress is crucial to losing weight as it can trigger binge eating and other unhealthy patterns.

Beyond Body Pricing

The Beyond Body book costs $33. For this price, you get a hard copy and digital version, plus free shipping.
For the assistant app, you must pay a monthly subscription fee. Within the app, you’ll find other checkout options, like consultations with a nutritionist.

Is Beyond Body Worth It?

This wellness book has a similar cost to other diet books, but provides an attractive personalized experience. The app and the ability to consult with a nutritionist add value.
If conventional dieting programs disillusion you, Beyond Body could provide a fresh alternative. It can be especially appealing if you want to lose weight through a sustainable lifestyle transformation.

Where to Buy the Beyond Body Book

You can complete the Beyond Body quiz and buy the program from the official website. Please note that you can only buy the book through the website or app.

What Do Customers Say About Beyond Body?

Beyond Body has a score of 4.1 on the independent review platform Trustpilot from over 2,966 users. Of these, 60% gave it 5 stars, and 12% left one-star reviews.
The Beyond Body Trustpilot page shows that the company has replied to 96% of negative reviews.
Here are some examples:
Fool Proof. The book is so easy to follow. I love that it has food combinations that I would never have thought to put together. They seem weird at first, but they totally work. I have already recommended this book to my friends.” – Shirley Herdering, US
I highly recommend this book! I just received my book here in NB, Canada and I must say I absolutely love it. I purchased the hard copy book and not the other add ons. It’s just nice having something hard copy again, and so far, I’m learning so much about healthy recipes and different pairings of food. It does take a little while to come in the mail, but so worth it. Day Five here, and I’m already feeling better!” – Amy, Canada
Overall, Beyond Body’s customer reviews are positive.
While some customers find the program unsuitable, most negative reviews revolve around individual preferences, like the subscription cost or the charging cycle.


Does Beyond Body have a discount?
Beyond Body is often available at a discount. Depending on when you purchase the book, discounts may be available for other program features, like the assistant app.
Is the Beyond Body book legit?
Beyond Body has sold over 200,000 copies around the world with participants from over 170 countries. The program has been mentioned in Newsweek and Health Insider.
Is Beyond Body a good program?
Beyond Body provides personalized meal plans, workouts, and lifestyle tips. It is a complete healthy living program that can be more effective than restrictive programs, and many people report feeling healthier.

How We Tested

Read on about the key factors that informed our Beyond Body review.
Quality 10/10
The assistant app and book both feel polished and well put together. From design to content, it’s obvious that care has gone into creating them. In terms of quality, the Beyond Body fitness and nutrition plan doesn’t disappoint.
Effectiveness 9/10
Beyond Body generates a personalized weight loss program that works for most users. In various Beyond Body reviews, many users report that the app has helped them lose weight.
The program’s degree of personalization and adaptation makes it effective.
Price 8/10
Compared to other weight loss programs, Beyond Body is affordable. The app has a monthly subscription fee, but the hardcover cost is reasonable. It goes beyond weight loss tips, helping you establish lifelong health routines.
Brand reputation 9/10
UAB Kilo Grupe is among the most exciting digital health and wellness names. The company is behind other popular fitness and health programs like Klinio and Joggo. Overall, both Kilo Grupe and Beyond Body enjoy a positive reputation online.

Editor’s note

A healthy diet is a vital component of any successful weight loss routine. You need to eat fewer calories than you burn while taking in enough macronutrients.
While easy in theory, this is often challenging in practice. Overly restrictive diets are hard to follow and can be unhealthy. Moreover, having to search for recipes can be daunting.
Programs that can simplify these steps are beneficial. But a healthy diet is only one component of a healthy lifestyle—exercising and lifestyle changes are crucial.
A 2017 analysis of emotional, psychological, and social well-being in obesity found that it’s the mental health aspect of weight loss that most individuals struggle with.
Most programs don’t address this in sufficient depth. More than a cosmetic problem, obesity is a health hazard in the Western world.
The latest research shows that different diets can be equally successful at promoting weight loss. It’s adherence to a healthy diet that brings about positive change. A weight loss program that gives you the tools to live a healthy lifestyle is more likely to work.

Beyond Body Review: The Verdict

In a world where most weight loss programs focus on restrictive diets, Beyond Body feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s more than healthy weight loss, and it’s more than workouts.
It makes developing sustainable healthy habits easier, while helping to improve mental health. It addresses the main problems that most weight loss programs leave up to you to figure out, motivating you to bring positive changes in all areas of your life.
Doing so allows you to live and think more healthily to avoid long-term weight gain.
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