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10 Books That Will Make Your Life Easier

BY Anna Walker

1st Jan 2015 Book Reviews

10 Books That Will Make Your Life Easier

With these top 10 bestselling guidebooks from the Reader’s Digest Shop, you could shortcut your way to a shinier, healthier, tastier life.

Why spend hours cutting through computer jargon when you could get online instantly? Why spend a weekend on your garden when you could perfect it in 30 minutes? And why spend a fortune on a gourmet meal when you could whip up a culinary treat for £1? 

10. 30 Minute Gardening

Image Source: Home Land Guild

Desperate for a lush garden but not got unlimited pruning and de-weeding time on your hands? 30 Minute Gardening is packed full of shameless shortcuts and practical tips designed to yield the very best results without the need to spend a lifetime achieving them. The expert knowhow in these pages is broken down into simple steps and easy to follow picture sequences so that you can create anything from beautiful borders to patio pots.
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9. Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing

Image Source: Art Group

Don’t throw away garments with a missing button, or ripped hem – make do and mend! This clever, practical and inspiring guide will take you from making a buttonhole to creating whole outfits from scratch. With simple, step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations, alongside advice for selecting the best equipment, it’s like having an expert instructor with you every step of the way.
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8. Reader’s Digest Amazing Meals

Image Source: BBC Food

Hack your dinnertime! Create delicious dishes for small sums, with over 130 of these recipes coming in at just £1 per head, without sacrificing any of the taste. These menu options range from family suppers to party buffets, so you can create your culinary dreams without breaking the bank.
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7. iPhone for Seniors

Image Source: Everything iCafe

Snapchat, Facetime, Skype and Siri. Am I speaking gobbledygook? Then you need to try the easy to follow iPhone for Seniors guide. This handy book shows users how to set up their phone safely, utilize the iPhone like a computer to send emails, browse the web and read documents, master touchscreen navigation, save time with Siri, use the iCloud and download apps for leisure, including music, movies, social networks, games and more.
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6. Reader’s Digest Big Book of Wit and Wisdom

Impress your friends, ace wedding speeches and find an answer to all of life’s conundrums with this hilarious and clever guide to the wittiest people to have ever walked the planet. From Ghandi to Groucho Marx and Woody Allen to Winston Churchill, there are gems in here to suit any taste.
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5. Mary Berry Cooks

Nobody knows cookery like Mary Berry. Undisputed Queen of the kitchen, this recipe collection from the nation’s best-loved cook invites readers to share in the secrets of her favourite dishes. From slow roasted shoulder of lamb, to fiery red rice salad and summer pudding Mary Berry offers a no-nonsense, no-fuss, kitchen companion.
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4. Reverse Your Diabetes

Image Source: Ent Wellbeing

Everything you need to take control of Type 2 Diabetes, and even potentially to reverse it. Diabetes expert Doctor David Cavan and diabetes.co.uk bring you all the information and support you need to turn around your health. Outlining key steps, tackling myths and empowering you, this is a must have for Diabetes sufferers.
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3. Philip’s Navigator Complete Road Atlas 2015 

Image Source: Travel Smart Blog

Never get lost again. Voted Britain’s clearest and most detailed atlas, Philip’s Navigator contains 160 pages of road maps covering Britain at 3 miles to 1 inch, clearly marking service areas, roundabouts and multi level junctions. The maps included even distinguish between roads over and under 4 metres wide in rural areas, a big plus for drivers of wide vehicles.
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2. Internet for Seniors

Image Source: Europe Digitale

Cut the jargon, and get to the fun bits. Internet for Seniors helps readers to discover all the opportunities and benefits of the internet, so that they can carry out the tasks they want, such as internet shopping and socializing, without the need for heavy jargon. Covering all the latest browsers including Chrome and Internet Explorer, this guide ensures your internet experience will be safe, secure and enjoyable.
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1. Computing for Seniors

Image Source: Huffington Post

Beat teenagers at their own game and become a technical whizz with this easy to follow handbook to computing. Updated for Windows 8 and Office 2013, you’ll learn how to shop, Skype, socialize and more online whilst also demystifying tablets, touchscreens and apps. Computing for Seniors is easy to follow, ensuring you’ll gain real confidence in your computing skills.
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