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Tribal Trap are finding new ways for artists to earn


20th Aug 2021 Art & Theatre

Tribal Trap are finding new ways for artists to earn

The pandemic shut thousands of venues and left millions of artists out of work. Tribal Trap Music Group are finding artists' support online.

Tribal Trap Music Group have only been around since 2019. Despite enduring a pandemic and a total stop to all gig work, they have managed to find new ways for their artists to earn. The next big thing in artist’s payment might even lie in cryptocurrency, and Tribal Trap have their fingers in that pie, too.

The pandemic seriously harmed the music industry

While artists that are supported by big labels haven’t suffered the shutdown of festivals and gigs as badly as the indie artist, the music industry has ground to a slow churn in the last 2 years. This has been a horrendous period for all of us, but when your whole industry is closed down, there is little hope for the independent artist.

Tribal Trap came up through the ranks the hard way. They started out as a playlist which showcased emerging artists alongside established artists in the trap scene. When they had been running for a year or two, they had already accumulated 750k Spotify followers and 800k YouTube followers. Their attitude to showcasing new trap music saw their whole company evolve.

While Tribal Trap started as just one group showcasing new trap artists, they went on to acquire several record labels and creative music outlets from all over the industry. With the aid of the likes of Clout.nu, an experimental label with more than 40k Spotify followers, and Diverge Records, with 50k of their own, they have become one of the biggest record labels to have ever emerged from The Netherlands.

Instead of just giving them a platform, this innovative and expansive trap music record label is now bringing trap to the masses, by the million. They can now sponsor artists, showcase their best work, drive traffic to their Spotify and SoundCloud accounts, and get the artist the recognition they deserve through advertising. To put it simply, they are a record label whose purpose is to set up the artist as a solo practitioner, so they can earn their future profits for themselves.

Thewaxhole.com said it best when they reviewed Tribal Trap for another article.

 “During this volatile period in the music scene where we’ve seen an explosion in the number of independent music labels, Tribal Trap seems to have risen above the rest by consistently putting out powerful and deadly tunes. Recognized as one of the main channels that pioneered the Trap genre, any producer would be delighted to have a notch on their belt from the outlet.”

The future of artist payments

Tribal Trap are in talks with a major crypto player, to bring Blockchain technology to trap music. Using an Non-Fungible Token (NFT) system, the artists will be able to sell solo performances or tickets to live or online gigs. They will be able to securely receive payments, which they can keep in cryptocurrency or send on to real cash.

Although Tribal Trap are keeping quiet over who their partner is until October, we can see the potential in the project. The future of paying our artists might well lie in crypto tokens. It is the most secure way to be paid.

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