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Muna Khalid Al-Bader- A Women With a Real Artistic Impression


7th Sep 2020 Art & Theatre

Muna Khalid Al-Bader- A Women With a Real Artistic Impression

Muna Khalid Al-Bader is a woman with a genuine aesthetic sense and a remarkable ability to turn colors into a contemporary art piece. She is exemplary in her field and likes to explore artistic dimensions with no bounds. Muna Khalid Al-Bader is an exceptional artist who started her career in Qatar. She has been working as an artist for the past 14 years. She proceeds to amaze the audience with her astounding art pieces. Muna Khalid Al-Bader holds an exquisite talent for experimenting with blue pigments in a contemporary way.


In her opinion, the blue color represents harmony, vivacity, and happiness. She has a deep connection with hues of blue shade as it harmonizes the surroundings and empowers an individual by integrating honesty and power. Muna Khalid Al-Bader has a deep spiritual connection with this color, and she wants to represent all kinds of emotions, memories, and inspiration by using varying shades of blue. Her innovative talent and individuality have been her success drivers. She believes art needs no language as it genuinely communicates and withholds a lot of hidden mysteries. She wants to utilize her art as a mode of communication with everyone.

Muna Khalid Al-Bader is a leading inspiration for many women who are trying to make an impact on society. Her utmost dedication and undeniable hard work have catalyzed her succession rate and made her immensely popular. Muna Khalid Al-Bader has a keen eye for traditional and non-traditional art as she seeks her inspiration by profoundly connecting with cultures of various regions. Her art is exceptionally inclusive as she visions art as a medium for emotional communication. Each of her art pieces is distinctive, but there is collinearity amongst them.

Muna Khalid Al-Bader seeks inspiration from daily experience and translates it into art to convey a strong message. She actively explains to people the importance of sorrow in life. Often, it is impossible to express your feelings through words. She uses her fantastic craft to put across her thoughts without being too empowering subtly. Her art intensely speaks with people who have a taste for modern and contemporary art. Muna Khalid Al-Bader is a firm believer that an individual only feels true happiness after endeavoring heaps of pain. She aspires to establish pieces that put this message across clearly.

Muna Khalid Al-Bader seeks continual enlightenment by viewing things from a diverse perspective. She is an example of a well-motivated, unique, spirited, and multi-talented individual who believes in art's power. She is highly passionate about her work and has phenomenal achievements as her support to keep thriving. Muna Khalid Al-Bader is well-recognized in Qatar due to her solo exhibitions, such as the Dandanah Exhibition in 2019 and 2020. She also did her solo exhibition in the youth creative art center and Arab youth forum in 2009 and 2007, respectively. Muna Khalid Al-Bader has participated in various art festivals such as Doha 360 murals in 2018, Gulf literature festival in 2016, Qatar modern art in 2015, Qatar fine art in 2013, and circles exhibition in 2019, etc. She is an exemplary achiever in the field, and she makes sure to make efforts that add to her talent and recognition. Muna Khalid Al-Bader is globally recognized and has been awarded for her impeccable achievements. She won awards such as fifth sense festival price in 2010, Katara Dhow festival prize in 2018, fifth sense festival prize in 2007, and Red bull Dhow Art prize in 2018.

Muna Khalid Al-Bader recently selected as Qatar’s art ambassador in UNESCO in the ResiliArt Talk. She believes in promoting talent for which she has taken various initiatives. She has been actively working as a Qatar Art Ambassador since 2019 and has recently joined the best change-maker globally. Muna Khalid Al-Bader also collaborates with various entities such as Kava Café, Salwa resort, Sheraton Hotel, Hamad hospital, and flat white Café, etc. Muna Khalid Al-Bader has made numerous collaborations with educational institutes as an initiative to create a social contribution.

Muna Khalid Al-Bader aspires to take her to international forums as she seeks global recognition. She believes that firm motivation and striving passion can take you to higher places regardless of your gender.

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