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The Turnip Prize: We Want Your Entries! (now closed)

The Turnip Prize is a spoof art award based on the Turner Prize, poking gentle fun at the contemporary art world. It's open to anyone to enter, so Reader's Digest has decided to submit an entry—and we want your help!

turnip prize

For an idea of how it works, last year's winner was one Percy Long-Prong (pictured below) for his work entitled "Play on Words", consisting of a copy of Macbeth sitting on top of an Oxford dictionary. But if you're in need of more inspiration, click here for a list of past winners—although, in the words of the organisers, "entries should take the least amount of effort possible to create".

So please submit your idea below: simply think of a pun and a way of presenting it visually. The deadline for submissions is Friday 14th November at 1pm. We'll pick the best one and make it the official Reader's Digest entry for the prize.

The final winner will be announced at The New Inn, Wedmore, Somerset, on Monday 1st December at 6.30pm.

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