How to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Find out which mosquito repellant works the best and learn how to treat mosquito bites effectively with this useful guide.

prevent mosquito bites

girl's legs with insect repellent spray

avoid fragrances

Mosquitoes are attracted by the carbon dioxide in human breath, but also by floral fragrances in perfumes and toiletry products. Avoid fragrant lotions to reduce your chance of being bitten.

eliminate pools of water

If mosquitoes trouble you in your home, eliminate all pools of stagnant or dirty water. Be sure to change the water in fountains or birdbaths. Empty buckets, plant pots and wheelbarrows of accumulated rainwater. Drain any puddles that form on patios or lawns. Remember that even a pet's drinking bowl can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

mosquitoes to the light

Citronella oil, the active ingredient in most ‘natural’ mosquito repellents, can work for a hour or two when applied to the skin. However, citronella candles, often used outdoors in the evening, are no more effective against mosquitoes than ordinary candles: it seems the flame acts as a decoy source of warmth and light.

get deet

By far the most effective ‘topical’ repellents are those containing the chemical DEET. A repellent with a DEET concentration of 35 per cent is adequate for most situations, but travellers in countries where malaria is endemic should use a more concentrated formula.

But, if you do get bitten...

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