How to overcome jet lag

According to the NHS, "jet lag occurs when the body's normal daily routine is disrupted after crossing several different time zones". Its symptoms can be debilitating and impact on the enjoyment of your holiday. Believe it all not, we all have a set of internal body clocks, this is the body's circadian rhythm. Once this has been disturbed we are likely to suffer from sleep disturbance, anxiety, disorientation, irritability, memory loss and a general feeling of being unwell. Don't let travel fatigue ruin your trip. Follow our handy guide to beat jet lag in 6 simple steps.

get some sleep

Woman happily sleeping

If you're flying while it's night time at your destination, try your best to get some sleep. Use a sleep mask and earplugs, and turn the up the cold air fans: a cooler temperature tells your body it's night.