The world's craziest commutes

Hate the morning commute? Wait until you see what these people have to go through. From treacherous bridges to squashed up commuters, these images will make you thankful that the UK's commute will never reach such extremes!


Los Pinos Zip Wire

Forget the perils of bullies on the school bus – for the children of Los Pinos, a village in the Colombian jungle – the trip to and from class holds more dramatic dangers. With their settlement cut off from neighbouring communities by a 365m-deep gorge that takes two hours to walk around, the kids get across using 400m zip wires.

Every morning, around a dozen children arrive at the launch pad, armed with their pulley, rope, and – crucially – a piece of wood to use as a brake so they don’t slam into the tyres on the other side at 65km/h. Smaller pupils are bundled into hessian sacks and tied to older children.

Some 60 adults brave the trip daily, too, often transporting supplies. Nobody knows what the zips’ weight limits are, but locals have carried animals, large food parcels and even furniture across, and the steel cables haven’t broken. Yet.

Image Source: Reality Pod

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