The world's craziest commutes

Hate the morning commute? Wait until you see what these people have to go through. From treacherous bridges to squashed up commuters, these images will make you thankful that the UK's commute will never reach such extremes!


Michael Wolf Tokyo Compression

You know a city’s got transport issues when it has coined a specific phrase, tsukin jigoku, to describe its “commuter hell”.

And Tokyo’s commuter lingo doesn’t stop there – or get much cheerier. White-gloved people pushers, known as oshiya, are employed to cram the rail network’s 8.7 million daily passengers into carriages. Meanwhile, sleazy travellers who take advantage of the cramped conditions are labelled chikan – loosely translated as “train gropers”. As well as being sex pests, they create paranoia. A girl recently caused chaos in a carriage by spraying Mace at a number of innocent businessmen after she’d unwittingly straddled a clarinet case.

The fact that there are plans to reduce Tokyo’s train capacity to 150% in the next two years demonstrates the extent of the city’s problem. The Tozai Metro line frequently operates at 199% capacity.

Packed like sardines into the carriages, with faces pressed against the doors, these passengers can just about grasp a newspaper, but there’s no chance of holding it up and reading it.

Image Source: The wonderful Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression

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