How to Book yourself that dream cruise

Cruises are quite the way to travel the world in comfort and style. In this article we show you how to book the best possible cruise, cheaply and how to decipher those brochures.

Choosing your cruise

finding your perfect cruise

How much you enjoy your vacation at sea depends on finding the cruise that best suits your interests, temperament, and budget. Jim Godsman, president of Cruise Lines International Association, the cruise industry’s trade group, recommends these simple ways to help you choose the right ship:

  • Find a cruise specialist, an experienced travel agent who understands the cruise industry.
  • Ask yourself what you want to do on your vacation, and then tell your travel agent. If you enjoy partying all night with lots of people, you will want a very different cruise than someone looking for a week of peace and quiet. A little searching should turn up exactly what you want.
  • Look for cruises that cater to your lifestyle. Some ships have a formal ambiance and hold one or two black-tie affairs each week, while others have a more casual, relaxed atmosphere. Families usually want cruise ships with special programs for children.
  • Ask your agent for profiles on a variety of cruise lines so you find the one that best suits your interests, your budget, and the time you prefer to travel.
Stuck for fun?

It's amazing how active you can be while stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Most cruise ships offer numerous options for seaworthy exercise. Many have pools, golf simulators, climbing walls, fitness centres, jogging and walking areas and instructor-led fitness classes – and that's just what's on board. During any sea and land excursions you can burn calories as you snorkel, hike, scuba-dive and horse ride.

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