Most haunted places in Britain

As the nights grow longer and colder, gather round and hear the blood-chilling stories of some of our most spooky locations.

Culzean Castle - Ayrshire

Culzean Castle

This postcard-perfect castle has dominated the cliff ’s top at the Firth of Clyde since the 16th century—though a castle of some form has existed here since the 1100s. Culzean (pronounced Cul-ane) casts its dramatic silhouette over a 150-feet drop to the sea—a strong defensive position chosen during times of battle—and its turrets, secret passageways and cliff-side caves are the perfect backdrop for ghost stories.

Beneath the castle, a vast network of caves, known as the Culzean Coves, tunnel into the rocks and run underneath the fortress itself. These were inhabited during Mediaeval times and then were used by smugglers peddling goods from Ireland and the Isle of Man, in waters made treacherous by roaming pirates. It’s in the tunnels that the ghost of a young piper is believed to linger—having failed to return from an exploration of the caves, legend states that his lone piping can still be heard in the area now known as Piper’s Brae. 

In the castle itself, which sits within 600 acres of country park, there are said to be up to seven ghosts. A mysterious woman in a ball gown has been seen as well as a grey swirling mist in the grand oval staircase, thought to be the spirit of one of the Kennedy clan (who have been associated with Culzean since it was built). The castle and its grounds are open year round, so visitors can make up their own minds about these mysterious happenings…

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