Most haunted places in Britain

As the nights grow longer and colder, gather round and hear the blood-chilling stories of some of our most spooky locations.

Bodmin Jail - Cornwall

Bodmin Jail

Built in 1779 on the edge of Cornish moorland, Bodmin Jail quickly grew overcrowded with men, women and juveniles who had committed crimes, ranging from petty theft to murder. Many met a grizzly end at the hands of the wardens and violent prisioners, and hundreds were executed in front of huge baying crowds who came from far and wide. Lots of prisoners would have spent their final hours here, awaiting the footsteps of the warden who would walk them to the execution pit—which remains the only working one of its kind in the UK. 

The jail, which is said to be haunted by several tortured spirits, opens its doors 364 days a year and runs overnight ghost tours. Spooked visitors have reported a strong sense of being stared at, and feelings of depression in certain areas. Fortunately, there’s also a restaurant and a bar on site for those in need of some Dutch courage.

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